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Mick Foley wants ONE MORE Deathmatch

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WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley, a name synonymous with some of the most unforgettable moments in professional wrestling history, has recently expressed a desire that has caught the attention of fans worldwide.

Known for his legendary toughness and willingness to push the boundaries of physical endurance, Foley has set his sights on one final challenge: a Deathmatch to mark his 60th birthday.

But this isn’t just about stepping back into the ring for another adrenaline-fueled spectacle; it’s about a personal journey of transformation.

Foley has unveiled an ambitious plan to lose 100 pounds as part of his preparation for this ultimate contest.

Wrestling News: Legend’s Final Quest

Throughout his storied career, Foley has been at the centre of some of WWE’s most iconic and harrowing matches. His performances, particularly in the Hell In A Cell match, have left an indelible mark on the industry, showcasing a level of commitment and bravery that few can claim to match.

Yet, even with a legacy firmly established, Foley’s passion for the sport and the spectacle of the Deathmatch remains undiminished.

Wrestling News: The Road to 100 Pounds Lighter

On the final episode of his podcast, Foley is Pod, Mick Foley shared his thoughts on undertaking one last match, seeing it as a “great incentive” to achieve a significant weight loss goal.

This endeavour is not just about the physical aspect of preparing for a match but also about setting a personal milestone as he approaches his 60th birthday.

Foley’s approach is pragmatic, acknowledging the risks involved while also seeing the potential benefits, not just for himself but for his fans and the wrestling community.

Beyond WWE: A New Arena

Foley has made it clear that his final match won’t be under the WWE banner, anticipating a “gory spectacle” that might not align with the company’s current direction.

This openness to exploring other venues for his last dance speaks to Foley’s commitment to the essence of Deathmatch wrestling, regardless of the platform.

Wrestling News: A Legacy of Endurance

Mick Foley’s contributions to wrestling extend beyond his in-ring achievements.

His work in OVW and his appearances on the show have continued to endear him to fans, showcasing his enduring appeal and influence in the wrestling world.

As Foley embarks on this journey towards one last match, his story is a testament to the enduring spirit of a true wrestling legend.


  • What is Mick Foley planning for his 60th birthday?
    • Mick Foley plans to have one final Deathmatch and aims to lose 100 pounds as part of his preparation.
  • Will Mick Foley’s final match be in WWE?
    • No, Foley has stated that his final match will not be in WWE, anticipating a match that might be too gory for WWE’s current standards.
  • What has motivated Mick Foley to consider another Deathmatch?
    • Foley sees this as a great incentive to lose weight and believes it could be a fun and fitting way to mark his 60th birthday.
  • Has Mick Foley started his weight loss journey?
    • Yes, Foley has already made progress, having previously lost weight for a WrestleMania event and is now motivated by the prospect of one last match.
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