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WWE NXT Superstar getting RELEASED upset “a lot of people” backstage

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The wrestling world was taken by surprise when WWE announced the release of Mustafa Ali from its NXT roster. This decision didn’t just shock fans; it also sent ripples of discontent through the backstage area of NXT.

WWE and UFC recently merged into a single entity, leading to significant changes within the company. Following the merger, over 100 employees were let go.

Shortly after, several names from both the main roster and NXT were released. Mustafa Ali’s release was particularly unexpected, especially since there were plans for him to face Dominik Mysterio at the No Mercy event for the NXT North American Title.

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Mustafa Ali WWE NXT Release: The Reaction

A new report from Fightful Select recently highlighted that Mustafa Ali’s departure was not well-received within NXT.

Ali had been making significant strides in NXT, and his sudden release added to the prevailing frustration:

“Specifically, we were told that some of the frustration emanated from the fact that there’s been a renewed effort to stack NXT with familiar names.

“In addition to losing one of those names, a planned match with two main roster talent in Mustafa Ali and Dominik Mysterio is now off the table. Those that we heard from said there was no indication as of Tuesday that Mustafa Ali was going to be cut, and even no indication cuts would happen to anyone with a main roster contract.”

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The Implications on WWE NXT

One of the main points of contention was WWE’s recent push to populate NXT with well-known names. With Mustafa Ali’s release, a highly anticipated match between him and Dominik Mysterio was cancelled.

Insiders revealed that there was no prior indication that Ali, or anyone with a main roster contract for that matter, would be released.

Shawn Michaels, a prominent figure in WWE, also weighed in on the matter. He mentioned the impact of these releases on NXT’s immediate plans.

Interestingly, Michaels wasn’t even aware of Ali’s release until shortly before the news broke to the public: “We asked Michaels about other releases that affected NXT’s immediate plans, and he said Dana Brooke. Dana had often pushed to be more active in the ring, and we were told separate of Michaels’ comments, that NXT was happy to have her there, and she was well liked by those on the roster, and willing to help” Fightful reported.

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What’s Next for Mustafa Ali?

While his time in WWE has come to an abrupt end, this is certainly not the last we’ll hear of Mustafa Ali. There’s speculation that he might join AEW if they extend an offer.

Regardless of where he ends up, Ali has garnered a significant fanbase during his time in WWE, and many will be eager to follow his journey in the wrestling world.

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  • Why was Mustafa Ali released from WWE?
    • The exact reasons for his release are not specified, but it followed the merger of WWE and UFC and subsequent cuts within the company.
  • Were there any plans for Mustafa Ali in NXT?
    • Yes, he was scheduled to face Dominik Mysterio at the No Mercy event for the NXT North American Title.
  • How did the NXT roster react to his release?
    • Many within NXT were upset and frustrated, especially due to the lack of communication between WWE and NXT regarding such decisions.
  • Where might Mustafa Ali go next?
    • There’s speculation about him joining AEW, but his next move remains to be seen.
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