Naomi: WWE Hall of Famer says she is “great” to work with

Naomi WWE SmackDown

Image Copyright: WWE

WWE Superstar Naomi has been suspended for some time now, and a WWE Hall of Famer has stated how she is a pleasure to work with.

Speaking on the latest Oh…You Didn’t Know podcast, former WWE Superstar and backstage employee Road Dogg heaped praise on the former WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion.

“Naomi is the greatest person in the world to work with and she would do anything you ask her. She always had ideas and suggestions” Road Dogg began.

Video from WWE’s official YouTube Channel

Road Dogg on Naomi

“When she was on SmackDown, she was the SmackDown Women’s Champion when I was writing the show, that’s for dang sure.

“A joy to work with and an entertaining young lady” Dogg added. “Sasha, same thing. Entertaining young lady, great wrestler, great professional wrestler, but had some stuff in the past where she bucked up against the system a little bit.”

Video from WWE’s official YouTube Channel

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