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Nick Gage makes unbelievable admission

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Nick Gage, who has built a reputation as the King of Deathmatch Wrestling, recently revealed that deathmatch wrestling isn’t his favourite style.

Though he’s made a name for himself in some of the most brutal match types imaginable, Gage admits his heart lies elsewhere’‹.

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Nick Gage: Wrestling Preferences Revealed

In a surprising disclosure, Gage stated that while he is a recognized figure in Deathmatch Wrestling, he has a stronger preference for “really good wrestling.”

This confession came during a recent episode of the Defyant Ones podcast, where he explained his involvement in the hardcore style of Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW) during the late 90s and early 2000s’‹.

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The Birth of Hardcore Style

“Yeah, we started that sh*t,” Gage remarked on the podcast. While he was all in on the hardcore style at the time, he admits it’s not his favourite. He elaborated,

“I like f*ckin’ really good wrestling, but I got a niche. I’m good at Deathmatch Wrestling, so I just do it.” Gage and his colleagues were the ones to introduce the extreme style to the States, driven by a mantra of ‘getting cr*zy,’ indicative of the era’‹.

Nick Gage has not shied away from testing his skills in the brutal sphere of deathmatches, even having the opportunity to compete in a Deathmatch against Chris Jericho on AEW programming in 2021’‹.

Gage’s Other Adventures

Gage’s adventures extend beyond the wrestling ring. After years of deathmatch competitions, he had his first taste of Sonic only in 2022, a comical reminder of the wrestler’s unique journey and the contrast between his public persona and personal life’‹.

While Gage may be renowned for his ultraviolent wrestling style, these revelations underscore his appreciation for the broader aspects of wrestling. Despite his accomplishments in deathmatches, Gage’s heart appears to be in the art of ‘really good wrestling.’

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