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NJPW star set to become a FREE AGENT in January 2024

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In a significant development in the world of professional wrestling, Gabe Kidd, a prominent star of New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW), is set to become a free agent in January 2024.

This news comes amid a bustling contract season, with several New Japan Pro Wrestling contracts nearing their end.

Gabe Kidd’s Journey in NJPW

Gabe Kidd, who debuted with New Japan in January 2020, has made a notable impact in the wrestling world. Over the past few years, he has also been a regular feature in Revolution Pro Wrestling (RevPro) in the United Kingdom.

His achievements include winning the STRONG Openweight Tag Team Championship alongside Alex Coughlin, who is also on the verge of free agency.

The Contract Scenario in NJPW

The wrestling community is closely watching the contract situations in NJPW.

Notable wrestlers like Kazuchika Okada and current NEVER Openweight Champion Tama Tonga, who has expressed his intention to leave at the end of his deal, are among those with contracts expiring soon.

Additionally, Clark Connors and Alex Coughlin of Bullet Club War Dogs are in a similar situation.

Kidd’s Future Endeavors

As the wrestling world speculates about Kidd’s next move, it’s worth noting that he is scheduled to participate in a 5-on-5 Steel Cage match against the United Empire at New Beginning in Osaka on February 11, which interestingly falls after his contract expiration.

This event could potentially be one of his last appearances in NJPW, adding to the intrigue surrounding his career.


  • Who is Gabe Kidd?
    • Gabe Kidd is a professional wrestler who has been a part of NJPW since January 2020.
  • When is Gabe Kidd’s New Japan contract set to expire?
    • His contract with NJPW is set to expire in January 2024.
  • What are some of Kidd’s achievements in New Japan Pro Wrestling?
    • He is a former NJPW STRONG Openweight Tag Team Champion.
  • Are other NJPW wrestlers also becoming free agents?
    • Yes, several wrestlers, including Kazuchika Okada and Tama Tonga, have contracts expiring soon.
  • What is Kidd’s next scheduled NJPW event?
    • He is planned to take part in a 5 on 5 Steel Cage match at New Beginning in Osaka on February 11.
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