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NJPW star is now a FREE AGENT

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In a significant development in the world of professional wrestling, Drilla Moloney, a prominent figure in New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW), has officially become a free agent (via Fightful Select).

This news follows the recent expiration of Moloney’s contract with NJPW, with no current indications of ongoing negotiations for a renewal.

Drilla Moloney’s Impact in NJPW

Drilla Moloney, renowned for his dynamic in-ring style and charismatic presence, has been a pivotal part of NJPW’s roster.

His tenure in NJPW was marked by notable achievements, including a reign as the co-IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champion. Moloney, alongside Clark Connors, showcased exceptional skill and teamwork, making a significant impact in the tag team division.

However, their reign came to an end at Wrestle Kingdom 18, where they were dethroned by TJP and Francesco Akira.

This match was a testament to Moloney’s abilities and his contribution to elevating the status of the Junior Heavyweight Tag Team division in NJPW.

The Future of Drilla Moloney

With Moloney now a free agent, the wrestling community is abuzz with speculation about his next move. His departure from NJPW opens up a realm of possibilities, with various promotions potentially interested in acquiring his talents. Moloney’s versatility and experience make him a valuable asset in the wrestling world, and it will be intriguing to see where he decides to take his talents next.


  • What is Drilla Moloney known for in NJPW?
    • Moloney is known for his time as the co-IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champion and his dynamic wrestling style.
  • Why is Drilla Moloney a free agent?
    • His contract with NJPW has expired, and there are no current talks about a renewal.
  • What could be next for Drilla Moloney?
    • As a free agent, Moloney has the opportunity to explore contracts with other wrestling promotions.
  • Did Drilla Moloney leave NJPW on good terms?
    • There is no information suggesting otherwise; his contract simply reached its conclusion.
  • How has Moloney influenced NJPW’s tag team division?
    • His performances, particularly as part of the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team, have been influential in elevating the division’s status.
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