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Paul Heyman: “Roman Reigns hasn’t scratched the surface of greatness”

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WWE on-screen personality and Chief Counsel to the Tribal Chief Paul Heyman recently spoke to the Catch Off. The former (?) advocate of Brock Lesnar discussed several topics during the interview, including the current WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns.

“Roman Reigns. He hasn’t even scratched the surface of his greatness yet” Paul Heyman would begin. “You’ll look back on this in a year and go, ‘whew, remember when he was doing that? Oh my God, he’s so much further now.’ We are charting a new course at lightning speed.”

“How to capitalize on the greatness of Roman Reigns,” Heyman replied when asked what is WWE’s toughest challenge. “How to get everything out of this historic run that we’re able to get out of it. How to successfully tell a global community that something truly special is going on here.

Paul Heyman on Roman Reigns

“That something extraordinary is happening. That a transformative narrative is being told on SmackDown the likes of which has never been told before in sports entertainment, probably never will be told again. That a star, a superstar, a once ever superstar is emerging on SmackDown. A Tribal Chief.

“A best of the best, a best of the very best, is coming forward into the true hall of fame stretch of his career. It’s a level of greatness never before achieved and probably will never be achieved again.

“Informing a global community of that, in such trying times, is a daunting task for WWE and one that I dare suggest they need to perfect because everyone on this planet should have an opportunity to see the greatness being offered by Roman Reigns.”

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