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Piper Niven Talks About Potential Partnership With WWE Star

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WWE star Piper Niven recently opened up on a potential partnership with NXT star Alba Fyre and a top WWE star.

Piper Niven talks about the matter

At WWE Royal Rumble 2023, Piper Niven made her return in the Women’s Royal Rumble match, dropping the ‘Doudrop’ moniker and going back to her NXT name.

However, a year earlier saw Niven’s biggest main roster match when she faced Becky Lynch for the RAW Women’s Championship at Royal Rumble 2022.

Speaking with Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp,

On the fans’ desire to see Piper Niven team with Alba Fyre and Becky Lynch, Niven stated:

‘That makes me feel good. It makes me feel really good. Give the people what they want, goddamnit.’

The RAW star also reflected on her most significant singles opportunity in WWE today. Recalling how the WrestleMania sign was on fire while she was in the ring wrestling Becky, Piper said:

‘Getting to wrestle Becky was great. I’ll probably get to do it again. I remember being in the ring, Becky’s cranking this headlock in on me, and remember hearing her say, ’˜The sign is on fire.’’

‘At first, I thought she said, ’˜We’re on fire,’ and I’m like, ’˜Yeah, Becks, we’re on fire.’ Then she’s like, ’˜No, no, no. The sign is on fire.’ I go, ’˜What?’ ’˜The sign is on fire.’ ’˜Oh. Okay. Guess we’re just rolling with this one.’’

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