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TOP WWE STAR advised to RETIRE by doctors due to injury

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Randy Orton will be making his WWE return against the advice of doctors.

The former world champion made his in-ring debut back in 2000 and he has been wrestling for over 20 years. While Orton has had a widely successful career in wrestling, he has also done considerable damage to his body in this time with moves such as RKO.

The Viper has finally started feeling the effect of this wear and tear on his body. This is why he had to take time off from wrestling in May last year and he has been away from the ring for over a year now.

Randy Orton WWE Return

Dave Meltzer, who previously reported that WWE was targeting Survivor Series as the date for Randy Orton’s return, recently provided some more update on him. He noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that doctors have advised Orton to retire but he wants to go until he is 50:

“When asked about Orton returning at Survivor Series, we were told that is the suggested time frame, so likely about a month or so. His doctor did suggest he retire due to back issues but Orton makes a ton of money and really wants to go until he’s 50 if at all possible.”

The report also confirmed that neither Roman Reigns nor Brock Lesnar are scheduled to make an appearance at Survivor Series this year. After Crown Jewel, Reigns’ next PPV appearance would be at Royal Rumble in January.

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Martin MacDonald