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Randy Orton is rumored to be ‘ready’ to go in-ring

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WWE Superstar Randy Orton has been out injured for quite some time, and it appears as though he might actually be ready to return.

Interestingly, Dave Meltzer reported in the most recent Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Orton was a major concern for the company due to his back problems.

Speaking to Fight Fans on our rumors podcast XERO HOUR, Xero News claimed that he has been told The Viper is ready to make his return at any time.

Randy Orton WWE Return Rumors

“From when I last got told any information on Orton, which was about a week ago, roughly, I was told ‘he’s ready’ and they’re literally just waiting to insert him in at the right time” Xero claimed on the podcast.

“I do believe they’re waiting for the whole Seth and Riddle story to end, because Randy’s obviously going to come back and there’s going to be something to go along with Riddle” he added.

“I obviously won’t ruin too much, but that’s what the creative plans are, so creative do have plans for Randy. So I don’t know where there’s information from Meltzer has come from that the ‘company is worried’ because like I said a week ago, I was told they have creative plans for Randy but know exactly when he’s going to be back.

“He will either be back at the Rumble or before the Rumble. So no later than the end of January. And there are creative plans for Randy going forwards” Xero concluded.

It’s very interesting to see that there appear to be differing bits of news coming out of the company regarding the former WWE Champion. Hopefully, we will be able to get a more public and definitive answer soon.

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