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A young me: Rey Mysterio endorses young WWE star as the next big luchador

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Rey Mysterio has endorsed Dragon Lee as the next big luchador of WWE.

The young superstar made his wrestling debut in only 2014 but he has already wrestled for a number of big promotions. He joined WWE in late 2022 and after impressing people with his performance in a number of main roster matches, Lee recently won his first title in the company by defeating Dominik Mysterio for the North American title at NXT Deadline.

In a new interview with Bakers Bantering Podcast, Rey Mysterio offered some high praise to the 28-year-old, saying that he sees Lee as a younger version of himself:

“This is what I see in Dragon Lee. I said it at Deadline, I see a lot of young me in Dragon Lee. He’s very unique with his style. Of course, he carries the tradition of lucha libre, which is the mask. The mask represents something way beyond just putting on a mask. It transforms you; it gives you a certain power of representation to our culture, representation to our sport.” said Rey Mysterio,

“But overall, he has the heart and determination to go in the ring and put it all on the line. I’ve seen that every time he stepped in the ring. So, I endorse myself, Dragon Lee to be the next superstar within WWE, that’s a luchador. It’s been quite a while. We’ve had several luchadores in WWE that have [been] given opportunities, but Dragon Lee is captivating. He’s taking full advantage of this opportunity. He already beat Dominik for the North American title. So you can only see that he’s going very big.”

Mysterio also discussed a potential Royal Rumble return and said that he aims to make his comeback soon after the PLE, if not at the show itself.

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