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The Situation with Roman Reigns and Unified Titles is ‘Complex’

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Many people were certain that Drew McIntyre will dethrone Roman Reigns and take at least one of the titles off the Tribal Chief at Clash At The Castle. This would have allowed a lot of flexibility to the company. Potential challengers would start looking like real threats again if they were going up against a different champion and appearances of Reigns could be saved for big PPVs with meaningful matches.

McIntyre however, ended up losing the bout and as a result the situation with the unified world title remains the same. WrestleVotes provided the latest on the matter. The Twitter account noted that the situation is complex because they want to have two champions but don’t want Roman Reigns to lose:

“The situation w/ the world titles & Roman Reigns is ‘complex’ according to a source. They would like to go into ‘Mania season’ & WrestleMania itself with 2 champions, but they also don’t want Reigns losing AT ALL prior. I’m told HHH & co are open to all things creatively here.”

One option WWE has is to use the Money in The Bank briefcase held by Theory to somehow get one of the titles off the Head of the Table. Right now, it appears that Reigns will be keeping both the belts for the foreseeable future.

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Martin MacDonald