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FIRED STARDOM founder CONFIRMS plans for new promotion

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In a bold move that has sent ripples through the professional wrestling world, Rossy Ogawa, the co-founder and erstwhile head producer of STARDOM, has announced his intentions to launch a new wrestling promotion.

This announcement comes on the heels of his recent departure from STARDOM, a leading Japanese wrestling promotion, which has been his professional home since its inception.

Wrestling News: The Genesis of a New Era

Ogawa’s departure from STARDOM was not without controversy. Accusations of talent poaching led to his premature exit, a claim he has since refuted.

In an enlightening interview with Tokyo Sports, Ogawa expressed his desire to create a platform where he could implement ideas that were not feasible within the constraints of STARDOM, particularly under the corporate umbrella of Bushiroad, its parent company.

“A new organisation? That’s right. I want to do the things that we can’t do here,” Ogawa stated (via POST Wrestling), highlighting his ambition to innovate beyond the limitations he faced previously.

WWE News: A Vision for the Future

The wrestling community has watched Ogawa’s career with keen interest, noting his pivotal role in the founding of STARDOM and his significant contributions to its growth.

His vision for his new venture is not just a departure from his past but a step towards a future where he hopes to redefine the landscape of professional wrestling.

Ogawa’s plans have already garnered attention, with many wrestlers reportedly expressing interest in joining his new promotion.

Industry Reactions and Speculations

The news of Ogawa’s new venture has elicited mixed reactions from the wrestling industry. Dave Meltzer, a respected wrestling journalist, reported that Ogawa’s exit was inevitable due to creative differences with Bushiroad.

Furthermore, AEW CEO Tony Khan’s reaction to Ogawa’s firing from STARDOM hinted at potential future collaborations, given the strained relations between AEW and STARDOM over talent bookings.


  • What led to Rossy Ogawa’s departure from STARDOM?
    • Ogawa was fired from STARDOM following accusations of attempting to poach talent, a claim he denies.
  • What does Rossy Ogawa plan to do next?
    • Ogawa intends to launch a new wrestling promotion, focusing on ideas and concepts he couldn’t pursue at STARDOM.
  • How has the wrestling community reacted to Ogawa’s plans?
    • The announcement has sparked interest among wrestlers and mixed reactions from industry insiders, with some speculating on future collaborations between Ogawa’s new promotion and other wrestling organizations.
  • What was the reason behind the conflict between Ogawa and STARDOM’s parent company, Bushiroad?
    • The conflict arose from disagreements over the creative direction of STARDOM, leading to Ogawa’s departure.
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