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Saraya CALLS OUT fans online questioning her AEW matches

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In a recent development within the All Elite Wrestling (AEW) community, Saraya, formerly known as Paige in WWE, has openly addressed the concerns and obsessions of fans regarding the number of bumps she takes in the ring.

This response comes after her much-anticipated return to in-ring action with AEW, which has been met with both excitement and apprehension from her fanbase.

Saraya In-Ring Return: A Journey of Resilience

Saraya’s comeback to wrestling is noteworthy, considering her history of injuries that led to her retirement from WWE.

Her return has sparked a mix of emotions among fans, with many expressing concern over her physical well-being. In a candid post, Saraya highlighted the peculiar fixation of fans on the frequency of her taking bumps during matches, describing it as “obsessive” and “bizarre.”

The Fan’s Perspective of Saraya: Concern or Obsession?

The intensity of fan scrutiny over Saraya’s in-ring performance underscores the complex relationship between athletes and their supporters.

While it’s common for fans to express concern for their favourite wrestlers’ health, Saraya’s situation brings to light the fine line between concern and over-obsession.

Her statement raises questions about the extent to which fans should involve themselves in the personal and professional decisions of athletes.

Saraya’s Future in AEW: What Lies Ahead?

Looking forward, Saraya’s role in AEW remains a topic of interest. As a former Women’s Champion, her experience and skill are undeniable.

However, her path in AEW, potentially including a feud with Toni Storm, is yet to unfold. Fans and critics alike are keen to see how she navigates her career amidst the ongoing discussions about her health and in-ring tactics.


  • Who is Saraya?
    • Saraya, formerly known as Paige in WWE, is a professional wrestler currently performing in AEW.
  • Why are fans concerned about the AEW Star?
    • Fans are concerned due to her history of injuries and the number of bumps she takes in her matches.
  • What did Saraya say about her fans’ concerns?
    • Saraya described the fans’ fixation on her taking bumps as “obsessive” and “bizarre.”
  • What is Saraya’s history in wrestling?
    • Saraya is a former WWE Women’s Champion who had to retire due to injuries but has since returned to wrestle in AEW.
  • What might be next for Saraya in AEW?
    • Her future in AEW could involve a storyline

or feud with other wrestlers like Toni Storm, though specific details are yet to be confirmed.

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