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WCW Legend talks DRAMATIC change of look during the 90s

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In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, few transformations have been as striking as that of Scott Steiner, famously known as “Big Poppa Pump”.

A WWE Hall of Famer, Steiner’s metamorphosis during his tenure in World Championship Wrestling (WCW) in the late 90s remains a topic of intrigue and discussion among wrestling enthusiasts.

Wrestling News: The Genesis of Change

Before his iconic transformation, Scott Steiner was a celebrated babyface in the WCW, teaming up with his brother Rick Steiner.

The duo, known for their athleticism and charisma, captured multiple championships, earning a significant following.

However, in a dramatic turn of events in 1998, Scott betrayed Rick, aligning himself with the notorious New World Order (NWO) faction. This heel turn marked the beginning of a new chapter in Steiner’s career.

Wrestling News: A New Look for a New Persona

Steiner’s decision to overhaul his appearance was a calculated move to alter public perception. He recognized that to shed his previous persona, a drastic change was necessary.

“We had wrestled everybody and we were popular, I knew I had to do a drastic change from what I was: the black hair and mullet,” Steiner explained during a recent interview with the Two Man Power Trip podcast.

His transformation involved bleaching his hair and goatee, a style he adopted after a visit to a salon in California. This new look was so effective that many, including announcers and fellow wrestlers, failed to recognize him upon his return to the locker room.

Evolving Wrestling Style

Alongside his physical transformation, Steiner also modified his wrestling style. Previously known for his high-flying moves like the “Frankensteiner”, he shifted to a more ground-and-pound approach.

This change was not just about aesthetics; it was a strategic move to solidify his heel persona. “I could do the Frankensteiner, I just didn’t want to do it because I didn’t want people to cheer me,” Steiner remarked, highlighting his commitment to his new role.


  • What prompted Scott Steiner to change his look in WCW?
    • Steiner changed his look to alter public perception and differentiate himself from his previous persona.
  • What changes did Scott Steiner make to his appearance?
    • He bleached his hair and goatee, moving away from his black hair and mullet style.
  • Did Scott Steiner change his wrestling style as well?
    • Yes, he shifted from high-flying moves to a ground-and-pound style to complement his heel character.
  • Was Scott Steiner’s new look effective in WCW?
    • Yes, it was so effective that many people, including announcers, did not recognize him initially.
  • Why did Scott Steiner stop performing the Frankensteiner?
    • He chose not to perform it to avoid getting cheered, as he was portraying a heel character.
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