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Massive WWE Superstar Reveals He SHOCKINGLY “Mended Fences” with Controversial Name

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In a recent turn of events, Seth Rollins, the reigning WWE World Heavyweight Champion, has announced that he has resolved his issues with Matt Riddle.

This news marks a significant shift in the dynamics of the WWE universe, as the two superstars have been known for their intense rivalry both inside and outside the ring.

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The Root of the WWE Controversy

The feud between Rollins and Riddle was not merely a scripted storyline for the audience’s entertainment. It originated from some real-life disagreements that had seeped into their professional lives.

The controversy was sparked by comments made by Lisa, Riddle’s wife at the time, about the bodies of women in WWE, which included Becky Lynch, Rollins’ wife.

This incident led to a palpable tension between the two wrestlers, which was evident in their on-screen feud in late 2022.

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From Real-Life Beef to Viral Moment

The animosity between Rollins and Riddle was not just confined to backstage whispers. It was brought to the forefront during their WWE programming, adding an extra layer of intensity to their rivalry.

However, in a recent appearance on the ImPaulsive podcast, Rollins revealed that he had a conversation with Riddle, leading to them mending their fences.

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Rollins’ Take on the Situation

Rollins, during the podcast, shared his perspective on the entire situation. He acknowledged the real-life beef between him and Riddle and how they used it to their advantage to create a memorable moment for the WWE audience.

He stated, “We had a bit of a real-life beef, if you will, I had a bit of an issue with him, so you kind of got to see that play out on live television a little bit, so we worked it to our favour because now we have a moment that’s viral and something you remember that affected you so, win win win I would say.”

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The Apology and Moving Forward in WWE

Rollins also revealed that Riddle had apologised to him, leading to them reconciling their differences. He expressed his belief in giving people second chances and not holding onto grudges.

He said, “He apologised and we mended fences and I’m all about like, I don’t write anybody off, I’m not one of those guys that’s like ‘no second chances, you do wrong by me I hate you forever’, like I’m not that stubborn, it’s not that serious.”

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