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Shawn Michaels keen on bringing TNA CHAMPON to WWE NXT

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In a recent revelation that has stirred the professional wrestling community, Shawn Michaels, the WWE Hall of Famer and current NXT overseer, expressed a keen interest in Jordynne Grace, the TNA Knockouts World Champion, potentially making a move to WWE NXT.

This interest comes in the wake of Grace’s notable appearance at the Royal Rumble, where her performance turned heads and sparked conversations about the possibilities of cross-promotional talent movements in professional wrestling today.

WWE News: The Interest in Jordynne Grace

Jordynne Grace, renowned for her formidable presence and strength in the ring, has been a standout performer in TNA Wrestling.

Her entry into the Royal Rumble was not just a surprise but also a significant moment, marking only the second time a reigning Knockout World Champion participated in the event.

Grace’s performance at the Rumble was impressive, further fueling speculation about her future in wrestling and the potential for her to join WWE’s ranks.

WWE News: Shawn Michaels’ Perspective

Speaking ahead of NXT Vengeance Day, Michaels shared his admiration for Grace and his curiosity about whether she would be interested in joining WWE.

He candidly admitted his regret for not reaching out to her, attributing his hesitation to the assumption that contractual obligations with other promotions might prevent such discussions:

“I’ve always sort of seen her from afar, and I’ve always wondered, you know, I don’t know, ‘What if she’d be interested, coming down next year, coming to the WWE?’ But it’s my fault for never reaching out because I assume if you’re with another company that’s not allowed.”

Michaels’ comments reflect a broader openness within WWE to explore crossover opportunities that were previously considered off-limits.

The Future of Crossovers in WWE

Michaels’ enthusiasm for potential crossovers and his role in NXT suggest a growing interest within WWE to blend talent from various promotions, enhancing the diversity and appeal of its programming.

While Michaels acknowledges that such decisions are ultimately made at the corporate level, his optimism and the buzz around Grace’s Royal Rumble appearance hint at a future where the boundaries between wrestling promotions become increasingly blurred.


  • Who is Jordynne Grace?
    • Jordynne Grace is a professional wrestler currently signed with TNA Wrestling, where she holds the title of Knockouts World Champion.
  • What did Shawn Michaels say about Jordynne Grace?
    • Shawn Michaels expressed his admiration for Grace and his interest in seeing her join WWE NXT, regretting not having reached out to her earlier.
  • Why is Jordynne Grace’s Royal Rumble appearance significant?
    • Her participation marked only the second time a reigning TNA Knockouts World Champion competed in the event, highlighting the potential for more crossover appearances in WWE.
  • What does this mean for WWE and TNA?
    • Michaels’ comments and the reaction to Grace’s Royal Rumble appearance suggest a growing openness to cross-promotional collaborations, potentially leading to more talent exchanges between WWE and TNA in the future.
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