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Here’s why Stephanie McMahon returned to WWE

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Stephanie McMahon is now serving as the Co-CEO of WWE alongside Nick Khan. This wasn’t always the plan however, and at one point earlier this year, McMahon had taken a leave of absence from the company. It was believed at the time that Steph will not be returning anytime soon, but the abrupt retirement of Vince McMahon changed things.

The WWE executive talked about her decision to take time off during the latest WWE earning call (H/t Fightful). She first discussed how she has been involved in the business since she was eight years old and she needed some time off:

“I’ve worked my entire life for this business, I love this business. I took a leave of absence, realizing that I needed a little bit of time with my family given the gruelling schedule and nature. I got about three weeks, which is more than a lot of other folks get.

Stephanie McMahon then claimed that she wasn’t forced to return. Instead, she offered it herself because it was a chance to lead the company she loves:

“I was not forced into returning as CEO and Chairman in the interim position. I offered. That was an opportunity for me to come back and be part of this company that I love and have the opportunity to lead this company.”

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Martin MacDonald