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Stone Cold Steve Austin: WWE legend doesn’t want him to wrestle

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WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin is being rumored to return to the ring next, but another legend doesn’t want it to happen.

Speaking on his podcast Foley Is Pod; Mick Foley revealed that he just wants Austin to ride off into the sunset.

“No. He had the swan song, and it was a tremendous swan song. It was my favourite match of the night just because Steve went and did so much more than anybody thought he would,” Foley revealed.

“Then Kevin Owens deserves some type of award. I don’t know if the Nobel Peace Prize went to Kevin Owens last year. I could argue he should have won it just for single-handedly carrying that angle because Steve wasn’t even on TV” Foley joked.

Is Stone Cold Steve Austin wrestling again?

“Owens calling the Texas landscape flat and uninspired is just a thing of beauty. Then the next night, trying to create an excuse for his loss by saying not only was he lifting weights, but he was also lifting a lot of weights.

“Man, there’s a lot you can learn from watching how that program was done, but the main ingredient is that your guy coming back has to be able to deliver on a level or exceed the level that is expected” Foley noted.

“Steve did such a fantastic job. Of course, people would love to see him and The Rock, but not as much as they’d love to see Rock and Roman, in my opinion” Foley added.

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