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Tessa Blanchard seemingly burns bridges with ANOTHER BIG wrestling company

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Tessa Blanchard, a once-celebrated figure in the wrestling community, appears to have severed ties with yet another major wrestling company, leaving fans and insiders speculating about her future in the sport.

Blanchard’s journey in professional wrestling began with much promise. Her talent and charisma quickly caught the attention of major promotions, including WWE.

However, despite the initial interest, a lasting partnership with WWE did not materialize. Years later, her departure from Impact Wrestling, where she held the prestigious title of World Champion, marked the beginning of a series of professional setbacks.

The Fallout with AAA

The most recent development in Blanchard’s career involves the Mexican wrestling promotion AAA. On the K100 podcast, wrestling personality Konnan discussed various topics, including Blanchard’s status with AAA.

He expressed a definitive stance on her not returning to the promotion, citing her disrespectful behaviour and the uncomfortable situation her presence would create due to her recent personal issues, including a public split from her husband Daga, who remains a wrestler with AAA.

The Professional Repercussions

Blanchard’s actions have had tangible consequences on her career. Since her release from Impact Wrestling, she has not appeared for another major wrestling company.

There was speculation about a potential offer from the NWA, but nothing has come to fruition. This pattern of burned bridges suggests a challenging road ahead for Blanchard if she wishes to return to the professional wrestling circuit.

The Road to Redemption

Despite the setbacks, Blanchard has not exited the wrestling scene entirely. She has joined the JROTC and continues to engage with the wrestling world in various capacities.

However, the path to rebuilding her professional relationships appears steep, with past actions casting long shadows over her current efforts.

What Lies Ahead for Tessa Blanchard?

The future remains uncertain for Blanchard. The wrestling world is known for its capacity for forgiveness and comebacks, but it also has a long memory.

Whether Blanchard can navigate this complex landscape and reestablish herself as a prominent figure in wrestling is a question only time can answer.


  • What happened with Tessa Blanchard and AAA?
    • Tessa Blanchard is not expected to return to AAA following a public fallout with her husband Daga and allegations of disrespectful behavior.
  • Has Tessa Blanchard joined any wrestling promotion after Impact Wrestling?
    • Since her release from Impact Wrestling, Blanchard has not appeared for another major wrestling company.
  • Is there a possibility for Tessa Blanchard to return to professional wrestling?
    • While the possibility exists, Blanchard has several professional relationships to mend before a return can be considered likely.
  • What are the recent personal issues that Tessa Blanchard faced?
    • Blanchard went through a public split from her husband Daga, and there were rumors of infidelity on her part.
  • What is Tessa Blanchard doing now?
    • Blanchard has joined the JROTC and remains involved in the wrestling world, though not directly with a major wrestling company.
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