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The Rock Makes SENSATIONAL Claim About Potential US Presidential Run

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Dwayne The Rock Johnson, a name of course synonymous with wrestling and Hollywood fame, has disclosed that he was approached by multiple political parties regarding a potential run for the Presidency of the United States.

This news, emerging from his conversation on Trevor Noah’s What Now podcast, has sparked a wave of discussion about the intersection of celebrity and politics.

The Rock: Political Appeal

The idea of The Rock as POTUS isn’t entirely new or far-fetched. Back in 2021, a poll showed him holding a 46% approval rating for a hypothetical presidential run.

This figure is not only indicative of his immense popularity but also reflects a growing trend where the line between celebrity and political influence is increasingly blurred.

Johnson expressed his astonishment and honour at the suggestion, noting that it was never his ambition to enter the political arena. He candidly shared his mixed feelings about politics, highlighting his dislike for certain aspects of the political world.

Despite this, the fact that he was considered a serious contender by multiple parties is a testament to his widespread appeal and the unique position he holds in the public eye.

The Intersection of Celebrity and Politics

The Rock’s potential candidacy brings into focus the evolving dynamics of political leadership and the role of celebrity in shaping public opinion.

His career trajectory, from wrestling icon to Hollywood star, has given him a platform that few can match. The consideration of such a figure for the highest office in the land speaks volumes about the changing nature of political engagement and the power of celebrity in the modern era.

The Rock: Response to Political Overtures

Despite the flattering overtures and the research indicating his viability as a candidate, Johnson maintains that his goal has never been to pursue a political career:

“At the end of the year in 2022, I got a visit from the parties asking me if I was going to run and if I could run [for President]. It came out of the blue and it was one after the other” The Rock began.

“They [the parties] brought up that poll (from 2021), and they also brought up their own deep-dive research that would prove that should I ever go down that road [he could potentially win an election” Johnson added.

The Future of Celebrity in Politics

The Rock’s situation raises intriguing questions about the future role of celebrities in political spheres. While his decision to stay out of the fray, for now, is clear, the conversation around his potential candidacy highlights a broader trend.

As the lines between entertainment, public influence, and political power continue to blur, the likelihood of more celebrities being considered for political roles seems increasingly plausible.


  • Has The Rock confirmed he will run for President? No, The Rock has not confirmed any plans to run for President. He was approached by political parties but has expressed no intention of pursuing a political career.
  • Why were political parties interested in The Rock as a candidate? Political parties were interested due to his high approval rating in a 2021 poll and his widespread popularity and influence.
  • What was The Rock’s reaction to the suggestion of running for President? He was honored and surprised by the suggestion but has stated that his goal has never been to be in politics.
  • Does The Rock have any political experience? No, The Rock does not have formal political experience. His background is in professional wrestling and acting.
  • Could we see more celebrities running for political office? Given the current trends, it’s possible that more celebrities might be considered for political roles in the future.
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