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TNA Christmas Party with Eric Young: No really, this was actually a thing in 2007

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In the world of professional wrestling, where the outlandish often becomes the norm, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) took the festive season to a whole new level in 2007.

The December 20th episode of Impact Wrestling featured a segment that has since become a bizarre footnote in wrestling history: Eric Young’s Christmas Party.

This event, a blend of comedy, chaos, and Christmas cheer showcased TNA’s unique approach to sports entertainment.

The Setting: A Festive TNA Fiasco

The scene was set in a house, adorned with Christmas decorations, a giant tree, and an array of presents.

Eric Young, donning an elf costume, and Jeremy Borash, in a tuxedo jacket and jeans, played the hosts. The party was a mishmash of TNA talent and peculiar characters, each adding their own flavour to the festive gathering.

Unusual Guests and Hilarious Antics

The doorbell rings, and the guests start arriving, each more unexpected than the last. First, we meet Eric’s cousins, Bruno and Tilly, who epitomised the stereotype of inbred yokels, indulging in a feast of turkey and mashed potatoes.

Then, in a bizarre twist, Eric’s sister, dubbed ‘Kimberly the Monkey Girl’, makes an appearance with a live animal, adding to the surreal atmosphere.

Bushwacker Luke, introduced as Uncle Leo, brought a dose of nostalgia, with Eric and others mimicking the famous Bushwacker Walk.

The Beautiful People, Velvet Sky and Angelina Love, arrived, offering to ‘service the guests’, a phrase that became a running joke throughout the night.

Wrestling Stars in Festive Roles

The party saw various wrestling personalities in unusual roles. Kevin Nash, mistaken for Santa due to his white beard, added a touch of star power.

Kurt and Karen Angle’s appearance led to more comedic misunderstandings about ‘servicing’ the guests. The segment also featured Samoa Joe, who, despite initially being furious about the party’s expenses, was eventually overtaken by the Christmas spirit.

The Wrestling Action: A TNA Twist

In true TNA fashion, the party wasn’t just about festive fun. It included wrestling action, with Awesome Kong making a memorable entrance and taking down Bruno and Tilly.

The event also featured a ‘Double North Pole Match’, a unique TNA creation involving extended turnbuckles and blow mould Santas.

The Aftermath: A Party to Remember

As the party wound down, Eric Young’s disappointment was palpable as his Christmas celebration crumbled.

However, the night ended on a high note with the appearance of AJ Styles, dressed as a reindeer, showcasing TNA’s ability to blend top-tier wrestling talent with…erm…entertainment.

You can watch the full thing below if you are that way inclined:


  • What was the Eric Young Christmas Party in TNA?
    • It was a segment on the December 20, 2007 episode of Impact Wrestling, featuring a mix of wrestling, comedy, and Christmas festivities.
  • Who were some of the notable guests at the party?
    • Guests included Bushwacker Luke, The Beautiful People, Kevin Nash, Kurt and Karen Angle, and Samoa Joe.
  • Was there actual wrestling during the party?
    • Yes, the party featured wrestling action, including a ‘Double North Pole Match’ and an appearance by Awesome Kong.
  • What was the reaction to the party?
    • The party was received as a unique and memorable event, showcasing TNA’s blend of entertainment and wrestling.
  • Did the party feature any traditional Christmas elements?
    • Yes, the setting included Christmas decorations, a tree, and presents, along with festive-themed wrestling matches.
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