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NEW TNA star SLATED by fans for apparently “ripping off” Toni Storm

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In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, the debut of Dana Brooke, now known as Ash by Elegance, in TNA Wrestling has sparked a significant stir among fans.

At the recent TNA Wrestling’s Hard to Kill event, Brooke’s new persona drew immediate comparisons to Toni Storm‘s acclaimed “Timeless” gimmick in AEW, leading to a wave of criticism from fans and observers alike.

Fan Reactions to Brooke’s New TNA Gimmick

The reaction to Brooke’s debut was swift and vocal, with many fans taking to social media to express their views.

A notable tweet, translated from Spanish, encapsulated the sentiment: “TNA signs Dana Brooke. It will be Ash by Elegance. It does not convince me. Brooke has never been much of a draw. It seems that they want to reissue the success of ‘Timeless’ Toni Storm.”

This perspective was echoed across various platforms, with some fans accusing Brooke of blatant gimmick infringement.

Comparisons with Toni Storm’s “Timeless” Gimmick

Toni Storm has been making waves in AEW with her “Timeless” gimmick, earning accolades for her performances. The similarities between Storm’s character and Brooke’s Ash by Elegance, especially given the latter’s recent introduction, have not gone unnoticed.

Fans pointed out the parallels in style and presentation, leading to the accusation of Brooke’s character being a “discount Timeless Toni Storm.”

The Premature Judgement of Brooke’s TNA Character

Despite the strong opinions, it’s important to note that Dana Brooke’s character in TNA is still in its infancy. The wrestling community is known for its passionate and sometimes tribalistic tendencies, which can lead to premature judgments.

As Brooke’s character develops, it will be interesting to see how it evolves and whether it can distinguish itself from the comparisons currently being drawn.


  • Who is Dana Brooke? Dana Brooke is a professional wrestler who recently debuted in TNA Wrestling as Ash by Elegance.
  • What is the controversy about? Fans have accused Dana Brooke of copying Toni Storm’s “Timeless” gimmick in AEW, leading to criticism of her new character in TNA.
  • Has Dana Brooke responded to the criticism? As of now, Dana Brooke has not publicly addressed the criticism regarding her new gimmick.
  • What is Toni Storm’s “Timeless” gimmick? Toni Storm’s “Timeless” gimmick in AEW is a character that has been praised for its unique style and presentation, contributing significantly to her success in the wrestling industry.
  • Will Dana Brooke’s character change due to the backlash? It remains to be seen how Dana Brooke’s character will evolve in TNA Wrestling following the initial backlash.
  • How have fans reacted to Brooke’s debut? The reaction has been mixed, with many fans drawing comparisons to Toni Storm’s gimmick and criticizing Brooke for apparent imitation.
  • Is it common for wrestlers to have similar gimmicks? In professional wrestling, similarities between characters can occur, but it’s the unique portrayal and development of these characters that distinguish them.
  • What’s next for Dana Brooke in TNA? The future of Dana Brooke’s character in TNA will depend on how she and the creative team develop her persona in response to fan reactions and her own performance.
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