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TNA Wrestling Hard To Kill gets STRONG PPV buyrate

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TNA Wrestling‘s recent “Hard to Kill” event, held on January 13th, 2024, at the Palms Casino Resort in Paradise, Nevada, has marked a significant milestone in the promotion’s history.

The event not only boasted the largest live attendance for TNA in several years but also recorded the most substantial live gate in about a decade.

This resurgence in popularity is further underscored by the impressive pay-per-view (PPV) buy rates the event has achieved.

Wrestling News: A New Era for TNA Wrestling

According to Dave Meltzer, speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, “Hard to Kill” drew a remarkable 8,000 buys on television, a figure that is notably high for TNA standards.

This number is expected to increase in the subsequent weeks. Meltzer highlighted that this success might rival, if not surpass, the buy rates of the Rich Swann and Kenny Omega match, potentially making it the biggest since the Spike TV days.

Currently, it ranks as the third-largest viewership since that era.

Wrestling News: Implications of the Strong Buy Rates

The strong performance of “Hard to Kill” indicates a bright future for TNA. The event’s success is not just a testament to the quality of the show but also reflects the growing interest in TNA’s offerings.

This resurgence is crucial for the promotion as it seeks to carve out a significant presence in the competitive world of professional wrestling.

Backstage Morale and Future Prospects

The backstage morale at TNA following the “Hard to Kill” pay-per-view is reportedly very positive.

This upbeat atmosphere is a good sign for the company’s future, as high morale often translates into better performances and more engaging content for fans.

With the current momentum, TNA is well-positioned to make 2024 a landmark year in its history.


  • What was the PPV buy rate for TNA’s “Hard to Kill”?
    • The event drew an impressive 8,000 buys on television.
  • Where and when was “Hard to Kill” held?
    • It took place on January 13th, 2024, at the Palms Casino Resort in Paradise, Nevada.
  • How does this event compare to previous TNA events?
    • It had the largest live attendance in years and the highest live gate in about a decade. It’s also one of the highest PPV buy rates for TNA in recent times.
  • What does this mean for TNA’s future?
    • The success of “Hard to Kill” indicates a bright future, with potential for further growth and popularity in the wrestling industry.
  • How is the backstage morale at TNA post-event?
    • The morale is reportedly very positive, indicating strong internal confidence in the direction of the company.
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