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TNA Wrestling reportedly working on HUGE TV deal

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Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling, a name synonymous with high-octane wrestling entertainment, is reportedly in the throes of trying to secure a significant television deal in a big piece of wrestling news.

This development, as revealed by Santino Marella on the Busted Open Radio podcast, marks a pivotal moment in the company’s evolution. TNA Impact, currently broadcast on AXS TV and available on YouTube for Impact! Insider subscribers, is poised to expand its reach dramatically.

Marella’s insights into the changing landscape of wrestling viewership highlight a crucial aspect of TNA’s strategy. While acknowledging the shift towards streaming platforms, he emphasizes the enduring value of a traditional TV network’s endorsement.

This deal, according to Marella, is the missing piece in TNA’s puzzle, potentially catapulting the brand to unprecedented heights.

Wrestling News: The Impact of a TV Deal on TNA’s Future

The potential TV deal is more than just a broadcasting agreement; it represents a transformative opportunity for TNA Wrestling.

Marella likens it to investing in a company before it skyrockets – a chance to be part of a historic shift in the wrestling world. His confidence, mirrored by the sentiments within TNA, suggests that this deal could redefine the company’s trajectory.

The anticipation surrounding this deal is palpable. Marella’s comments indicate a belief that once TNA secures a spot on a more accessible channel, the organization will “change gears and blow up to the next level.”

This move could not only enhance TNA’s visibility but also invigorate its fan base and attract new viewers.


  • What is TNA Wrestling currently working on? TNA Wrestling is reportedly working on securing a major television deal.
  • Where can I currently watch TNA Impact? TNA Impact is available on AXS TV and on YouTube for Impact! Insider subscribers.
  • What does the potential TV deal mean for TNA Wrestling? The deal could significantly increase TNA’s reach and popularity, marking a major growth phase for the company.
  • How does Santino Marella view this development? Marella sees it as a transformative opportunity, akin to investing in a company before it becomes a major success.
  • Is there a confirmed TV network for TNA’s potential deal? As of now, there is no specific network confirmed for the potential TV deal.
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