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TNA reportedly BRINGING BACK old cancelled show

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In a surprising turn of events, TNA Wrestling, which recently reverted to its original branding after a period as Impact Wrestling, is set to revive its once-popular secondary show, ‘TNA Xplosion’.

This move comes as part of the company’s broader strategy to reinvigorate its brand and appeal to a wider audience.

Wrestling News: TNA Xplosion – A Look Back and Ahead

Originally launched in 2002, ‘Xplosion’ was TNA’s first regular cable show. It initially featured matches from the TNA Asylum and interviews with talent.

In 2004, the show underwent a revamp to showcase previously aired episodes of ‘TNA Impact’. A significant change occurred in 2010 when ‘Xplosion’ started featuring exclusive matches and airing matches from the 2000s. However, the show went on an extended hiatus in 2021.

The recent announcement, as reported by Fightful, indicates that matches for the resurrected ‘Xplosion’ were taped ahead of the ‘TNA Snake Eyes’ pay-per-view.

While details about the show’s new format remain under wraps, the taping of the show on January 14 suggests that fans won’t have to wait long to see what TNA has in store.

Wrestling News: Mixed Reactions to TNA’s Branding and Strategy

TNA’s return to its old branding has elicited mixed reactions online.

However, many wrestlers associated with the promotion, including TNA Hall of Famer Gail Kim, have expressed excitement and optimism about the change. Kim believes that the promotion will gain significant momentum going into 2024.


  • What is ‘TNA Xplosion’? ‘TNA Xplosion’ is a secondary wrestling show originally launched by TNA Wrestling in 2002, featuring exclusive matches and interviews.
  • Why was ‘Xplosion’ cancelled? ‘Xplosion’ was put on an extended hiatus in 2021, but specific reasons for its cancellation were not publicly disclosed.
  • When was ‘Xplosion’ originally launched? The show first aired in 2002 and underwent several format changes over the years.
  • What changes are expected in the new ‘Xplosion’? While specific details about the new format are not yet revealed, it is expected to feature exclusive content to attract a broader audience.
  • What has been the reaction to TNA’s rebranding? The reaction has been mixed among fans, but many TNA wrestlers have shown positive responses, anticipating a successful year ahead for the promotion.
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