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Triple H Is Disappointed With Current WWE Roster?

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Triple H made some massive changes in the product and brought back a lot of people in the company. He is still going strong on the road to WrestleMania, and his roster has been the subject of certain reports in recent memory.

A report is out that said Triple H is underwhelmed by his roster.  Ringside News squashed that report in December 2022. However, Triple H wouldn’t indicate to anyone that he is disappointed in his roster, even if that was the case.

“If there was any disappointment, HHH wouldn’t admit it to anyone. Not right now. It would reflect so badly on him. Fake news, again.”

Sean Sapp reported behind Fightful’s paywall that the idea of Triple H being underwhelmed by his roster is not credible at all.

“Recently, a report emerged that Triple H had been underwhelmed by several of those talent. If that’s true, WWE is certainly downplaying it, as a longtime employee contacted Fightful to say that in the following weeks, that had been severely downplayed within WWE. One source stated that it wasn’t a thing they would ever expect Triple H to say out loud, even if he did believe it.”

It was also reported that, ‘one member of the creative team said that nobody that WWE brought back was expected to immediately ascend to the top of an already planned out top of the card.’ In addition to that, another source reportedly familiar with the situation said that, ‘Triple H found it important to add more depth to the Raw and Smackdown brand, and that was told to numerous talent that were brought back in.’

It was also noted to Fightful that he was hopeful it was a long term play, as they want each act to be a little more over every time they come back to an arena. Several of the talent re-signed were even told when they were brought in that depth was a big point in bringing them back.

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Bishal Roy