Triple H bringing massive NXT match to the WWE main roster?

William Regal Triple H WrestleMania 38

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According to a recent rumour/report, WWE and Triple H in particular are looking at bringing back a huge gimmick match for the main roster.

Xero News is claiming that the company is looking at bringing the War Games concept and match to RAW and or SmackDown.

The site revealed: “We have received word that either at this year’s Survivor Series or some time in 2023, HHH is planning on bringing the NXT War Games concept to the Main Roster [of WWE].”

Video from the official WWE YouTube Channel

Triple H bringing War Games to Main Roster?

It’s worth noting that this rumour from Xero News is just that, a rumour, as we are unable to verify whether or not the report is legitimate.

Having War Games on the main roster would certainly be a big creative move for the Survivor Series Premium Live Event.

The concept of the Survivor Series PPV has been watered down in previous years, but this could be a great way to give the event a boost, should the reports turn out to be accurate.

In previous years, the NXT War Games match has been a staple of the developmental brand. Whether a similar prestige can be brought with a version of the match on the main roster remains to be seen.

It’s not a wildly ‘out there’ rumour, as Triple H is clearly a fan of the classic WCW concept and has brought it to modern audiences before in NXT.

Video from the official WWE YouTube Channel

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