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Triple H reveals if he supports WWE sale

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Triple H does not mind a change in WWE ownership as long as he and the talents are allowed to continue doing their thing.

WWE presented the Elimination Chamber PLE from Montreal this Saturday night. The show was a big success with everyone in the wrestling world talking about it. The company held a post-show press conference (H/t Fightful) to answer questions and the WWE Chief Content Officer was present for it too.

During the talk, Triple H was asked about a potential sale of the company and if he’s in the favor of it. The Game said that it depends on who is going to buy the promotion:

“Depends on who is buying, I suppose. What the offer is, what the outcome is. Stay out of it, to me. That’s not a cop-out answer. I have the greatest gig in the world. I helped tonight, in some small way, create the magic we did here tonight. To me, it’s the best gig on the planet.”

Triple H wants to continue doing his job

Triple H explained that as long as they’re able to do what they are doing and continue creating magic with the talent, he has no problem with the potential change:

“As long we get to do this, as long as we get to create the way we get to create it, as long as we get to do our jobs and we get to go out there and put our passion on display, as long as our talent are allowed to put their passion on display and do what we do, I’m good. It is what it is,”

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