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Update on Kevin Owens after missing Raw

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Kevin Owens was scheduled to compete in a match against Ezekiel on this Monday’s Raw. The company was promoting this match hours before the show. The former Universal champion, however, ended up missing the episode unexpectedly. WWE then revealed that the match will be rescheduled to a future date.

Many fans started speculating about his status after the show. Owens himself gave a storyline update on Twitter, saying that he did not want to go to Texas.:

Dave Meltzer provided some backstage update on the former Universal champion on Wrestling Observer Radio (H/t WrestleTalk). He revealed that the situation with him is minor and Kevin was not at the show. Meltzer could not elaborate what the issue was:

‘Kevin Owens ’“ whatever the situation is, is minor, but he was not on the show, which is why the Ezekiel match did not happen as originally scheduled. I did not check if Kevin Owens would be ready by Friday, I just know that he was not ready tonight but it’s nothing serious, is what I was told.’

Kevin Owens competed against Stone Cold Steve Austin at WrestleMania 38. Austin did not make an appearance on the road to Mania. Owens built the match by insulting Steve Austin’s home state of Texas.

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Martin MacDonald