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Former WWE Superstar “not on the radar” of MASSIVE independent promotion

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In the ever-evolving world of professional wrestling, the fate of performers can change as rapidly as the storylines they are part of.

One such wrestler, Patrick Clark, better known by his ring name Velveteen Dream, has recently been the subject of speculation regarding his future in the industry.

Clark, a former WWE Superstar, has been notably absent from the radar of Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide, a major force in independent wrestling.

Wrestling News: Velveteen Dream’s Controversial Past

Clark’s career has been marred by controversy. In April 2020, he faced accusations of sending inappropriate images to underage boys.

Further allegations surfaced during the “Speaking Out” movement, claiming he sent a sexually explicit photo to an underage girl and had inappropriate communications with underage boys.

WWE conducted an investigation but found no evidence of wrongdoing. Despite this, Clark was released from his WWE contract in May 2021.

Wrestling News: Konnan’s Stance on Velveteen Dream

Konnan, a prominent figure in AAA and a respected veteran in the wrestling world, recently addressed the possibility of Clark joining Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide on his podcast “Keepin’ It 100.

He acknowledged Clark’s talent and popularity as Velveteen Dream but emphasised that his role isn’t to provide opportunities to everyone.

Konnan’s approach is pragmatic, focusing on personal and business relationships, which he doesn’t have with Clark. This stance places Clark in a different category compared to other wrestlers who have faced controversies but had prior connections with Konnan.

The Future for Patrick Clark

With Konnan’s comments, it’s clear that Clark’s path to joining AAA, at least for now, is not straightforward.

His past allegations and the lack of a personal connection with key decision-makers in AAA pose significant hurdles. The wrestling community continues to watch closely as Clark’s career trajectory remains uncertain.


  • Who is Patrick Clark? Patrick Clark, also known as Velveteen Dream, is a professional wrestler who began his career in 2014 and gained prominence in WWE.
  • Why was Velveteen Dream released from WWE? He was released following allegations of inappropriate conduct, although WWE’s investigation found no evidence of wrongdoing.
  • What did Konnan say about Velveteen Dream joining AAA? Konnan stated that while he acknowledges Clark’s talent, he is not currently considering him for AAA due to a lack of personal and business relationship.
  • What are the implications of Konnan’s statement? Konnan’s statement suggests that Clark’s chances of joining AAA in the near future are slim, primarily due to his controversial past and lack of a direct connection with AAA’s decision-makers.
  • Is there a possibility for Clark to join AAA in the future? While the current outlook seems unlikely, the dynamic nature of professional wrestling means that future opportunities cannot be completely ruled out.
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