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Vince McMahon’s New Edict About Talent Names Revealed

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WWE officials seem to be on a name-changing mission of sorts as of late. The reason for it is a brand-new edict from Vince McMahon.

Per F4Wonline‘s Dave Meltzer the story behind it is a new edict from the chairman of WWE. The boss apparently doesn’t want anyone using their real names or their indie personas on his TV program anymore:

‘The actual story behind this is all the talent got a memo and Vince McMahon decreed he doesn’t want anyone new using their real names anymore, nor names they’ve used before on the indie scene.’

Meltzer also noted that this directive only applies to newer stars. There will be some exceptions here and there such as the Olympic Gold Medallist Gable Steveson.

In the last several months, WWE has changed names of a number of superstars. WALTER’s name being changed to Gunther garnered a lot of negative reaction from fans. Other such changes include Raquel Gonzalez being renamed to Raquel Rodriquez and Raul Mendoza becoming Cruz Del Toro

The report noted that Austin Theory’s name being shortened to just Theory wasn’t related to Steve Austin in any way. His real name is Austin White and WWE didn’t want to use that on TV.

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Martin MacDonald