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What Vince McMahon told Shawn Michaels about his retirement

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Before the recent scandal led to the abrupt retirement of Vince McMahon, the majority of the people believed that McMahon would never retire. According to Shawn Michaels, he always joked about dying in the gorilla position and keeping the show going even after his passing.

The Heart Break Kid recently appeared on The MMA Hour (H/t wrestlingnews). When asked if he ever thought Mr McMahon would retire from his role one day, Michaels admitted that he did not. Per Shawn, he never envisioned WWE without the former chairman:

Shawn Michaels on Vince McMahon

‘No. You can talk about it, but I never envisioned the time when Vince wasn’t there running stuff. All of us who have known him and worked with him for as long as we have, everyone knows, and I mean this lovingly, but he wanted to pass at his desk.”

Shawn Michaels then mentioned everyone believed that Vince would actually do his job till he passed away. McMahon even joked about it every now and then:

“That’s who he is. That’s how he’s built. I had every reason to believe that’s exactly what he was going to do. He always made jokes that, ’˜If I die at Gorilla position, the show has to go on. Don’t move me. We got to get to seg 10 and 11 and finish the show.’

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Martin MacDonald