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Worst TNA Wrestling Gimmicks Ever: Pure, unadulterated, garbage

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TNA Wrestling, a promotion with over two decades of history, has seen its fair share of remarkable talent and memorable moments.

However, not every idea turns to gold, and some gimmicks have been more miss than hit. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most controversial and poorly received gimmicks in TNA Wrestling’s history.

Worst TNA Wrestling Gimmicks: AJ Styles as Ric Flair

In a bizarre twist, AJ Styles, a phenomenal talent in his own right, was paired with Ric Flair in 2010.

This led to Styles mimicking Flair, complete with robes and a cheating in-ring style. This gimmick was ill-fitting for Styles and was poorly received by fans.

Voodoo Kin Mafia’s WWE References

Voodoo Kin Mafia, consisting of the New Age Outlaws under a different name, was a direct jab at WWE, with their initials even referencing Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

Their time in Impact Wrestling was marked by constant references to their WWE past, a strategy that didn’t sit well with many fans.

Worst TNA Wrestling Gimmicks: Suicide’s Lack of Clear Gimmick

The character Suicide was introduced alongside the TNA Impact! video game. It was pretty poor, mainly due to its lack of a clear gimmick.

Portrayed by various wrestlers, including Christopher Daniels and Low-Ki, Suicide remained a part of the company for over a decade despite the gimmick’s unclear direction.

Black Reign – Dustin Rhodes’ Dark Persona

Dustin Rhodes, in an attempt to reinvent himself, introduced the Black Reign character in 2007. This dark and emotional persona was a stark departure from Goldust, his previous character.

Despite Rhodes’ efforts, including participating in hardcore matches, the gimmick didn’t catch on.


  • What was the issue with Samuel Shaw’s gimmick in TNA?
    • Shaw’s portrayal of a psychotic heel, involving stalking, was seen as too serious and failed to engage the audience positively.
  • Why did AJ Styles impersonating Ric Flair not work?
    • Styles, a talented wrestler, didn’t fit the Flair mimicry, and the gimmick felt forced and inauthentic to fans.
  • What was controversial about the Suicide character?
    • Suicide’s controversy stemmed from its lack of a clear gimmick, despite being portrayed by several skilled wrestlers.
  • Was Mahabali Shera’s dancing gimmick successful?
    • No, the dancing gimmick, including the Shera Shake, was not well-received and is considered a low point in Shera’s career.
  • Why did the Voodoo Kin Mafia reference WWE?
    • It was an attempt by Impact Wrestling to take shots at WWE, but this approach was not appreciated by many fans.
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