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Worst TNA Wrestling Matches Ever: You HAVE to watch these car crashes

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TNA Wrestling has experienced its fair share of ups and downs since its inception in 2002. While the promotion has showcased some spectacular matches featuring top-tier athletes like AJ Styles and Kurt Angle, it has also been marred by a series of poorly received matches.

These bouts not only disappointed fans but also impacted the company’s reputation. Let’s delve into some of the worst TNA Wrestling matches ever, examining what went wrong and how they are remembered today.

Worst TNA Wrestling Matches: Sting vs Jeff Hardy at Victory Road 2011

This match is infamous in wrestling circles, primarily due to Jeff Hardy’s condition at the time. Hardy, visibly intoxicated, faced Sting in what turned into a debacle rather than a wrestling match. Lasting only one minute and twenty-eight seconds, the match was cut short, thankfully preventing any further embarrassment or potential injury. This incident remains a significant blot on Hardy’s otherwise illustrious career.

Electrified Steel Cage Match

The concept of an electrified steel cage match might sound thrilling, but the execution was far from it. Despite the involvement of seasoned professionals like The Dudley Boyz, the match was more comical than compelling. The over-the-top special effects and lighting used to simulate electricity turned the bout into a farce, straining the audience’s suspension of disbelief.

Worst TNA Wrestling Matches: Reverse Battle Royal

Innovation is key in professional wrestling, but not all new ideas hit the mark. The Reverse Battle Royal, held only twice in TNA’s history, was criticized for its complicated rules and lackluster entertainment value. The concept, which involved wrestlers fighting to get into the ring, failed to resonate with fans and is remembered for its confusion rather than its creativity.

AJ Styles vs Frank Trigg – MMA Match

Blending professional wrestling with mixed martial arts is a challenging endeavor. AJ Styles, a phenomenal wrestler, and Frank Trigg, a skilled fighter, clashed in a match that was awkward and unenjoyable. The clash of styles was evident, with neither athlete able to adapt to the other’s discipline, resulting in a disjointed and forgettable encounter.

Worst TNA Wrestling Matches: Sharmell vs Jenna Morasca

Featuring non-wrestlers in a wrestling match is always a gamble. When TNA booked Survivor winner Jenna Morasca against Sharmell, the result was disastrous. The lack of experience and training was painfully evident, leading to a match that is often cited as one of the worst in professional wrestling history.

Six Sides of Steel Blindfold Match

The Six Sides of Steel Blindfold Match is a prime example of a good idea gone wrong. The concept of a steel cage match is exciting, but adding blindfolds to the mix robbed the bout of its potential. The inability of the wrestlers to see each other nullified the action, resulting in a dull and frustrating viewing experience.

Raven vs Larry Zbyszko – Hair vs Hair Match

Witnessing veteran wrestlers past their prime is always a delicate situation. The match between Raven and a 55-year-old Larry Zbyszko was more sad than entertaining. The lack of athleticism and coherence in the ring made this encounter a low point in both wrestlers’ careers.

Worst TNA Wrestling Matches: Miss Tessmacher vs Tara

Despite TNA’s reputation for a strong Knockouts division, not all matches were hits. The championship bout between Tara and Brooke Tessmacher in 2012 was a letdown, with noticeable missed spots and a lack of chemistry. The match failed to live up to the high standards set by the division.

The Steiner Brothers vs Team 3D

A dream match on paper, the reality of The Steiner Brothers facing Team 3D in 2007 was far from dreamy. With both teams past their prime, the match lacked the dynamism and cohesion expected from such legendary tag teams, disappointing fans who had high hopes.


  • Q: When did TNA Wrestling start?
    • A: TNA Wrestling was formed in 2002.
  • Q: What is TNA Wrestling now known as?
    • A: TNA Wrestling is now known as Impact Wrestling.
  • Q: Why are some TNA matches considered bad?
    • A: Poor execution, lack of chemistry between wrestlers, and gimmicky concepts often led to matches being poorly received.
  • Q: Can a non-wrestler participate in a wrestling match?
    • A: Yes, but it’s risky and often leads to subpar matches if the participants lack training and experience.
  • Q: Are all TNA matches bad?
    • A: No, TNA has hosted many spectacular matches; however, like any promotion, it has had its share of poor matches.
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