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WWE could partner with LEGENDARY Japanese promotion

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The wrestling world is abuzz with the possibility of a groundbreaking collaboration between WWE and the renowned Japanese promotion, Pro Wrestling NOAH.

This speculation has gained momentum following WWE’s recent decision to broadcast RAW, SmackDown, and its pay-per-view events on ABEMA in Japan.

Keiji Muto, a legendary figure in Japanese wrestling, has shed light on this potential partnership. He highlighted the shared connection between WWE and NOAH through ABEMA, hinting at the possibility of a future collaboration.

Muto stated (via eWrestlingNews), “NOAH is also on ABEMA, right? It’s part of the Cyber Agent Group. Now that WWE is also on ABEMA, there’s a chance that something might emerge between WWE and NOAH.”

Muto’s Role in the Potential Collaboration between WWE and NOAH

Keiji Muto seems keen on playing a pivotal role in fostering this partnership. He expressed his intent to bridge the gap between the two wrestling giants, jokingly mentioning his plans to treat Triple H to sushi and bill it to ABEMA.

WWE’s decision to air its major events on ABEMA is a significant move that could reshape the wrestling landscape in Japan.

With both WWE and NOAH having a presence on the same platform, the door is open for potential collaborations, joint events, or even talent exchanges.

Such a partnership could be a win-win for both promotions, offering fans unique matchups and events that were previously only dreamt of.

The Future is Uncertain but Exciting

While there’s no official word yet on any collaboration, the mere possibility has fans and industry insiders talking.

A partnership between WWE and Pro Wrestling NOAH could be a game-changer, bringing together the best of Western and Japanese wrestling.


  • What sparked the rumours of a WWE and NOAH partnership?
    • The speculation began after WWE announced its decision to broadcast its events on ABEMA in Japan, a platform that also features NOAH.
  • Has there been any official confirmation of a partnership?
    • As of now, there’s no official confirmation. The discussions are based on Keiji Muto’s comments and the shared presence of both promotions on ABEMA.
  • Who is Keiji Muto?
    • Keiji Muto is a legendary figure in Japanese wrestling and has been instrumental in the growth and success of Pro Wrestling NOAH.
  • What could a WWE and NOAH collaboration look like?
    • While it’s all speculative at this point, possibilities include joint events, talent exchanges, and unique matchups that bring together the best of both worlds.
  • Why is the ABEMA deal significant?
    • Broadcasting on ABEMA gives WWE a stronger foothold in the Japanese market. With both WWE and NOAH on the same platform, it opens the door for potential collaborations.
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