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WWE star thanks ‘Papa H’ for major policy change

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Triple H has made many changes to WWE after coming to power. He has brought back a number of key stars from the Black and Gold era of NXT and given more freedom to people on the mic. Another major change he seems to have made is allowing stars to make money from third-party sources, such as Twitch streams.

One such star who has been allowed to restart his streams on Twitch is Drew Gulak. The former 205 star thanked Triple H for this on Twitter recently, referring to the WWE executive as ‘Papa H’

“Yes, I am streaming on Twitch again. Thank you, Papa H! Also my cousin is here with me still and he insisted… please come ask him questions”

Gulak was later asked during his stream if WWE has changed its stance on the matter. The WWE star said that he doesn’t really know in response:

“No. I actually don’t really know. The company’s stance is still the same. It’s fine. Everybody is fine. That’s the stance. We’re all good. I don’t know why y’all make that stuff up.”

WWE’s decision to ban stars from streaming on Twitch had received a lot of negative coverage. NXT stars were exempt from this edict.

The officials had recently been working on allowing main roster stars to make money from third party sources. They originally announced this change over the WrestleMania weekend earlier in the year.

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Martin MacDonald