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What is WWE streaming on? Everything that UK viewers need to know

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The spectacle of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has never been more accessible, especially if you’re based in the UK.

With weekly shows, premium live events, and a treasure trove of specials, knowing where to catch all the WWE action is essential for fans.

This guide will walk you through the current and upcoming ways to stream WWE in the UK, ensuring you never miss a moment of the drama, athleticism, and entertainment that WWE delivers.

WWE on TNT Sports

As of now, WWE fans can enjoy regular events such as SmackDown and Raw live each week on TNT Sports.

This platform has become a go-to for wrestling fans, offering comprehensive coverage of WWE’s flagship shows. If you’re already a BT Broadband customer, adding TNT Sports to your package is straightforward, with options starting from £18 per month.

For those seeking even broader sports coverage, the “Big Sport” package at £40 per month includes all TNT Sports channels and 11 Sky Sports channels via a NOW pass, ensuring you’re always in the loop with the latest in sports entertainment.

The Future of WWE Streaming: Netflix

Looking ahead, WWE is set to make a significant shift in its broadcasting strategy. Starting from 2025, Netflix will become the new home for WWE’s flagship weekly programme, Raw, in the UK.

This move will not only include Raw but also extend to SmackDown, NXT, WrestleMania, SummerSlam, Royal Rumble, and more.

Netflix will also host original series, upcoming projects, and documentaries, making it a comprehensive source for all things WWE outside the US.

WWE President Nick Khan expressed confidence in Netflix as the ideal platform for WWE’s dedicated fan base, promising a bright future for streaming WWE content.

TNT Sports Box Office: Pay-Per-View Events

TNT Sports Box Office is your destination for those special Pay-Per-View (PPV) events. Offering live coverage of WWE PPV events for a one-off fee, fans can ensure they have a front-row seat to the biggest nights in wrestling.

Whether it’s the Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, or any other marquee event, TNT Sports Box Office provides a seamless way to purchase and stream these must-see spectacles.

Streaming WWE Live

All WWE events, PPV or otherwise, are available for live streaming. For PPV events, customers can stream through the TNT Sports website or app after purchasing a pass.

Regular WWE events, including weekly shows, are accessible with a TNT Sports monthly pass, allowing fans to watch without committing to a long-term contract.

This flexibility ensures that fans can tailor their viewing experience to their preferences and schedules.

WWE Weekly Schedule

To keep up with the action, here’s the current WWE weekly schedule for UK viewers:

  • WWE Raw: Every Tuesday at 1 am
  • WWE NXT: Every Wednesday at 1 am
  • WWE SmackDown: Every Saturday at 1 am

This schedule ensures that fans have regular appointments with their favourite superstars, storylines, and matches.


  • Where can I watch WWE Raw and SmackDown in the UK?
    • Currently, WWE Raw and SmackDown air live on TNT Sports each week.
  • Will WWE move to a new streaming platform?
    • Yes, starting from 2025, WWE’s weekly programmes, including Raw, and other specials will stream on Netflix in the UK.
  • How can I watch WWE PPV events in the UK?
    • WWE PPV events are available on TNT Sports Box Office for a one-off fee.
  • Can I stream WWE events live?
    • Yes, all WWE events, including PPV and regular shows, can be streamed live via the TNT Sports website or app.
  • What is the cost to add TNT Sports to my BT Broadband package?
    • Adding TNT Sports to an existing BT Broadband contract starts from £18 per month.

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