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10 Most Hated Characters and Heel Wrestlers in WWE Right Now

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Are you ready to delve into the world of professional wrestling and discover the most disliked wrestlers in the WWE? Strap yourself in, because we’re about to uncover the reasons behind their unpopularity.

In a realm where fan perception is everything, certain wrestlers have managed to capture the ire of the audience. From lacklustre performances to questionable personalities, these individuals have found themselves on the receiving end of boos and jeers. But what exactly makes them the most hated in the business?

Join us as we explore the current landscape of the WWE and shine a spotlight on the wrestlers who have garnered significant disapproval from fans. From underwhelming in-ring work to arrogant personas, we’ll analyze the factors that have contributed to their unpopularity.

Prepare to dive deep into the fascinating world of fan perceptions, where a wrestler’s every move and word can shape their reputation. Get ready for eye-opening insights, surprising revelations, and a deeper understanding of why some wrestlers find themselves in the crosshairs of criticism. It’s time to separate the fan favourites from the most disliked and discover what sets them apart in the dynamic world of WWE. Get ready for an exhilarating journey into the realm of the 10 Most Hated Wrestlers in WWE Right Now.

10 Current WWE Wrestlers With Arguably The Worst-Looking Gear

When it comes to creating a memorable wrestling persona, the right gear can play a significant role. However, there are some current WWE wrestlers whose attire fails to impress fans and even contributes to their unpopularity. Here are 10 wrestlers whose gear misses the mark:

1. Baron Corbin

Corbin’s choice of attire, including his crown and robe, has been heavily criticized for its lacklustre design and generic appearance.

2. Nia Jax

Jax’s gear has received criticism for not being flattering to her physique, with some fans feeling it diminishes her presence in the ring.

3. Austin Theory

Despite being an extremely talented wrestler, Theory’s gear has been described as uninspiring and failing to match his potential.

4. Valhalla

After transitioning from her previous Sarah Logan gimmick, some fans have expressed disappointment with her new gear and Valhalla gimmick, feeling that her previous look was more engaging.

5. Dexter Lumis

Lumis’ gear, including his jumpsuit and leather gloves, has been called into question for lacking creativity and failing to enhance his character’s mysterious aura.

6. Piper Niven

While Niven is an impressive talent, her gear as a face lacks the impact that her previous heel persona had, resulting in mixed reviews.

7. Ridge Holland

Some fans have criticised Holland’s gear for not accurately reflecting his intimidating appearance and strong in-ring style.

8. Jinder Mahal

Mahal’s gear has received criticism for appearing unremarkable and failing to match his status as a former WWE Champion.

9. Chelsea Green

Green’s tag team partner-centric gear has been deemed underwhelming, with fans wanting to see her stand out individually.

10. Andre Chase

Andre Chase and Chase U is great, and I’m at pains to actually put this on the list, but it must be a nightmare having to actually wrestle a jumper and trousers. GIVE THE GUY A BREAK!

While gear may seem like a minor aspect in the world of wrestling, fans can be quite discerning when it comes to the overall presentation of their favourite wrestlers. It’s crucial for performers to take note of these criticisms and consider enhancing their attire to better connect with their audience.

Valhalla: She was better as Sarah Logan

When it comes to professional wrestling, the perception of a wrestler can change drastically when their character undergoes a transformation. One such example is Valhalla, who was better received by fans during her time as Sarah Logan compared to her subsequent gimmicks.

As Sarah Logan, she portrayed a rugged and wild persona, aligning herself with groups like The Riott Squad. Fans appreciated her unique style and the authenticity she brought to the character. However, when she transitioned to a different gimmick, the connection with the audience weakened.

The shift in perception among fans highlights the impact that a wrestler’s character and gimmick can have on their likability. It serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining a consistent and well-developed persona to resonate with the WWE fanbase.

Baron Corbin is working in NXT right now

Baron Corbin, a prominent WWE wrestler, has recently made a surprising move by joining the NXT brand. This shift in his career trajectory has generated mixed reactions among fans, leading to a noticeable impact on his character’s perception.

Some fans view Corbin’s move to NXT as a step backwards, considering his previous successful stint on the main roster. They believe that this change indicates a decline in his status and potential. However, others perceive it as an opportunity for Corbin to reinvent himself and rejuvenate his character.

The move to NXT has allowed Corbin to showcase his skills in a new environment and interact with a different set of competitors. This shift has sparked debates among wrestling enthusiasts, with some appreciating his fresh start while others questioning the motives behind the move.

Regardless of fan opinions, Corbin’s presence in NXT demonstrates the brand’s commitment to providing diverse and engaging content. Only time will tell how this transition will influence Corbin’s popularity and ongoing journey in WWE.

5 Reasons Why Fans Love Baron Corbin (& 5 Reasons Why Fans Dislike Him)

Baron Corbin, a controversial figure in the WWE, has a polarising effect on fans. Let’s dive into the reasons why some fans love him while others can’t stand him.

Why Fans Love Baron Corbin

1. In-ring Ability: Baron Corbin is an impressive talent with solid in-ring skills. His unique moveset and intimidating appearance captivate fans who appreciate his athleticism and power.

2. Mic Skills: Corbin possesses outstanding microphone skills, delivering captivating promos that engage the audience and establish his character effectively.

3. Character Depth: The character of Baron Corbin has evolved over time, showcasing a multi-dimensional persona that resonates with certain fans. They appreciate his arrogance and see him as a compelling and believable heel.

4. Storyline Impact: Corbin has been involved in flashy storylines that have captured fans’ attention. Whether he’s fighting for the Money in the Bank briefcase or challenging for the WWE Championship, his contributions have brought excitement to the shows.

5. Villain Persona: Some fans enjoy rooting against Corbin. They see him as a great antagonist, a “heel,” who adds tension and drama to matches. This love-hate dynamic keeps fans engaged and invested in his storylines.

Why Fans Dislike Baron Corbin

1. Arrogant Personality: Corbin’s arrogant persona can rub fans the wrong way. Some find his on-screen attitude off-putting, leading to a dislike for his character.

2. Mediocre Feuds: While Corbin has been involved in notable storylines, some fans feel that he has been part of lacklustre feuds that failed to showcase his true potential.

3. Overexposure: Corbin’s consistent presence on WWE’s main roster has led some fans to feel oversaturated with his character, resulting in a desire for fresher talent to take the spotlight.

4. Perceived Favoritism: There is a perception among some fans that Corbin receives more opportunities and screen time from management than other deserving wrestlers, leading to resentment.

5. Character Reception: Despite his efforts to establish a compelling villainous character, some fans simply don’t resonate with Baron Corbin’s persona or find it compelling enough to root for.

Baron Corbin’s polarizing nature ensures that he remains a topic of discussion among the WWE fanbase, with both supporters and critics vocal about their opinions.

Ridge Holland: Some fans blame him for Big E’s injury

One wrestler who has faced significant backlash from fans is Ridge Holland. Holland was involved in a match where Big E, a beloved WWE superstar, suffered a serious injury. While injuries are unfortunate and can happen in any physical sport, some fans have been quick to point fingers at Holland, blaming him for the incident.

It’s important to note that accidents can occur in wrestling, and attributing blame solely to one individual may not be fair. However, the incident has fueled negative opinions towards Holland, with fans expressing their disappointment and frustration. This controversy has added to the already growing discontent towards Brawling Brutes star.

It remains to be seen how Ridge will address this situation and whether they will be able to regain the favour of the WWE fanbase. The aftermath of this incident serves as a reminder of the intense emotional investment fans have in these characters and the impact their actions can have on public perception.

Big E himself though has said that he does not blame Holland and that the British Superstar reached out to him following his unfortunate injury.

Why WWE Fans Hate Piper Niven’s Character: She is Better as a Heel

Fans often express a strong preference for wrestlers who excel in portraying villainous characters, commonly known as heels. Piper Niven, a talented performer in the WWE, is no exception. While she has showcased her versatility as both a face (hero) and a heel (villain), fans seem to gravitate more towards her heel persona.

As a heel, Niven exudes an intimidating aura that captivates audiences. Her larger-than-life presence and arrogant personality create a captivating and intriguing character. Fans appreciate her ability to embrace her darker side, which allows her to unleash her full potential in the ring.

Niven’s heel performances offer a refreshing change of pace from her more traditional face roles. It allows her to tap into her versatility as a performer and display a wider range of emotions and tactics. Whether it’s through cunning manipulations or mind games, Niven’s heel persona captivates fans and keeps them invested in her character.

When Niven embraces her villainous side, her matches become more intense and filled with drama. She understands how to play to the crowd’s reactions, making fans interact emotionally and passionately during her performances. This ability to engage the audience and evoke strong reactions is a testament to Niven’s outstanding microphone skills and in-ring abilities.

Lumis’ feud with The Miz was terrible

The feud between Dexter Lumis and The Miz was widely regarded as a disappointment by fans. Despite the potential for an intriguing storyline, the execution fell flat.

Lumis, known for his mysterious and intense character, was pitted against The Miz in a feud that lacked excitement and compelling storytelling. The match quality was subpar, failing to captivate the audience. Fans criticised the lack of chemistry between the two wrestlers and the absence of a meaningful narrative.

This lacklustre feud contributed to a negative perception of Lumis among fans, highlighting the importance of well-executed storylines in maintaining wrestler popularity.

Austin Theory was overpushed by Vince McMahon

One wrestler who has faced a significant amount of backlash from fans is Austin Theory. Many fans feel that Theory was over pushed by Vince McMahon, the then-chairman of WWE. This perception stems from Theory’s sudden rise to the main roster without much build-up or development in NXT.

Fans believe that Theory is an extremely talented wrestler, but his push to the main roster was premature and didn’t give him enough time to refine his in-ring skills and character. The favouritism shown by McMahon led to a disconnect between Theory and the audience.

While Theory has potential and plenty of room for growth, fans feel that his push should have been more gradual and organic.

They believe that with proper character development and more time in the mid-card, Theory could have become a fan favourite and a top star in the future.

Overall, the perception that Theory was over pushed by Vince McMahon has contributed to his unpopularity among WWE fans.

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