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AJ Styles compared with former DX member

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The former WWE Champion AJ Styles is a pro-wrestling veteran having experience of decades in the business. He has been compared with several stars in the past but his similarities in terms of in-ring prowess with WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels remains the most suitable one. WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle recently opened up on ‘The Phenomenal One’ during The Kurt Angle Show and stated that he would eventually put him in the same bracket as The Heartbreak Kid.

Kurt Angle believes AJ Styles will reach the level of Shawn Michaels:

“Listen, let me tell you something about AJ. Everybody has their best match with AJ. He has great chemistry with everybody. I wouldn’t put him up there with Shawn Michaels yet, but eventually, I will put him up there with Shawn Michaels. He is that good,” Kurt Angle said.

It is quite interesting that Kurt Angle’s first televised singles match for TNA/IMPACT Wrestling also happened against AJ Styles in 2006.

The Olympic Hero explained that TNA wanted to pair him up with performers who’d make him look good, and despite being young at the time, Styles was still considered a complete worker.

“AJ was so talented. I think they wanted to keep handing me guys that could really work in the ring and make me look good since I was relatively new. AJ is the one guy that can actually do that,” recalled Angle.

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