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Best Wrestlers of 2023 (Ranked)

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2023 has been a remarkable year in the world of professional wrestling, marked by outstanding performances, gripping storylines, and unforgettable matches.

As we reflect on the year, it’s time to spotlight the wrestlers who truly stood out. This ranking is based on a combination of in-ring skills, storyline impact, and overall presence in the wrestling world.

Best Wrestlers of 2023

10. CM Punk

Despite a year partially sidelined by injury, CM Punk remained a focal point in wrestling discussions.

His return to WWE and memorable matches, including a showdown with Samoa Joe at AEW All In, underscored his enduring appeal and skill.

9. Swerve Strickland

Swerve Strickland’s 2023 has been a testament to his undeniable talent. Overcoming setbacks, he has delivered great matches and positioned himself as a potential future world champion.

8. Toni Storm

Toni Storm’s 2023 journey has been a rollercoaster of evolution. Her “Timeless” character has resonated with fans, showcasing her versatility and charisma, making her one of the most well-rounded wrestlers in the industry.

7. Kenny Omega

Kenny Omega may have had a quieter year, but his match quality remained top-tier. His standout performances, including a memorable street fight and singles matches, have kept him in the spotlight.

6. LA Knight

LA Knight’s rise in 2023 was unexpected but well-deserved. His charismatic presence, especially on the microphone, coupled with solid in-ring performances, has made him a standout star.

5. Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes has maintained a high level of performance throughout the year. His compelling storyline and matches with top stars like Brock Lesnar have kept fans engaged and invested in his journey.

4. Rhea Ripley

Rhea Ripley’s transformation this year has been nothing short of phenomenal. As a central figure in Raw, she has dominated the female roster with her commanding presence and consistently impressive performances.

3. MJF

MJF’s year was highlighted by an incredible Iron Man match and a successful title reign. His ability to innovate and perform at the highest level has solidified his position as one of the top wrestlers of the year.

2. Gunther

Gunther has been a revelation, transforming from his independent circuit persona to a dominant force on weekly television. His in-ring work has been consistently excellent, making him one of the best performers in WWE.

1. Bryan Danielson

Bryan Danielson continues to defy expectations, delivering a wide range of high-quality matches. His versatility and enduring skill have not only made him the top wrestler of 2023 but also one of the greatest of all time.


  • Who is considered the best wrestler of 2023?
    • Bryan Danielson is ranked as the best wrestler of 2023, thanks to his exceptional range of matches and consistent high-quality performances.
  • What makes Gunther stand out this year?
    • Gunther’s exceptional in-ring work and his transformation into a dominant television presence have made him a standout performer in 2023.
  • Has CM Punk’s injury affected his ranking?
    • While CM Punk’s injury did limit his in-ring time, his impact and presence in the wrestling world kept him in the top 10.
  • What contributed to LA Knight’s rise in popularity?
    • LA Knight’s charisma, particularly his skills on the microphone, coupled with improved in-ring performances, contributed to his rise in 2023.
  • Is there a female wrestler in the top 10 of 2023?
    • Yes, Rhea Ripley and Toni Storm are both in the top 10, reflecting their significant impact and performances in the wrestling world this year.
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