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7 Best WWE Tag Teams in History (Ranked): Demolition, British Bulldogs and more

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The world of WWE has seen numerous tag team duos, but only a few have etched their names in the annals of wrestling history. Here, we rank the seven best WWE tag teams, based on their impact, skill, and legacy.

Please note that this is PURELY based on their runs in WWE and does not include any of their achievements outside of the company (looking at you LOD).

7. The Rockers

Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty, The Rockers, epitomized the high-flying, energetic style of tag team wrestling in the ’80s.

Despite never officially holding the WWE Tag Team Championships due to a technicality, their in-ring performances and the infamous “Barbershop window” segment left a lasting impact.

6. The Legion of Doom

Hawk and Animal, The Legion of Doom (also known as The Road Warriors), were synonymous with intimidation and power.

Their unique look and dominant style made them fan favorites, despite some questionable creative decisions by WWE during their tenure.

5. Demolition

Ax and Smash, known as Demolition, were a dominant force in the late ’80s.

With their imposing presence and three WWE Tag Team Championship reigns, they left an indelible mark on the division, despite criticisms of being a Road Warriors imitation.

4. The New Age Outlaws – The Best Tag Team of the Early Attitude Era

Billy Gunn and Road Dogg, forming The New Age Outlaws, became one of the most popular acts of the Attitude Era.

Part of D-Generation X, they were known for their charismatic pre-match rituals and played a significant role in one of wrestling’s hottest periods.

3. Edge and Christian – The Best Tag Team of the Late Attitude Era

Edge and Christian, initially part of The Brood, rose to fame through their innovative matches and humorous vignettes. Their ladder match at No Mercy 1999 and subsequent TLC matches revolutionized tag team wrestling.

Their blend of humour and athleticism made them standouts in the tag team division.

2. The British Bulldogs – Second Best WWE Tag Team Ever

Dynamite Kid and Davey Boy Smith, known as The British Bulldogs, brought a unique blend of athleticism and charisma to the WWE.

Their feud with The Hart Foundation is legendary, and their single WWE Tag Title run was marked by memorable matches, showcasing their exceptional in-ring abilities.

1. The Hart Foundation – Greatest WWE Tag Team Ever

Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart formed a dynamic duo, combining technical prowess and raw power. Their contrasting styles and memorable feuds, especially with The British Bulldogs, made them stand out.

With two tag team championship reigns and a lasting legacy, The Hart Foundation is a quintessential example of tag team excellence.


  • Did The Rockers ever win the WWE Tag Team Championships? The Rockers did win the titles in a match against The Hart Foundation, but due to a technicality (the top rope breaking), WWE decided not to air the match and reverted the titles.
  • What made The Hart Foundation unique? The Hart Foundation’s uniqueness lay in the contrasting styles of Bret Hart’s technical wrestling and Jim Neidhart’s power and charisma.
  • Why are Edge and Christian remembered fondly? Edge and Christian are remembered for their innovative ladder and TLC matches, as well as their humorous segments outside the ring.
  • What was the significance of Demolition in WWE? Demolition is significant for their dominance in the late ’80s, holding the WWE Tag Team Championships three times and being one of the longest-reigning tag teams.
  • How did The New Age Outlaws contribute to the Attitude Era? The New Age Outlaws, as part of D-Generation X, were key figures in the Attitude Era, known for their entertaining promos and matches.
  • What set The Legion of Doom apart from other tag teams? The Legion of Doom stood out for their intimidating appearance, powerful style, and popularity despite some creative missteps in WWE.
  • What was the legacy of The British Bulldogs in WWE? The British Bulldogs left a legacy of high-quality matches and a memorable feud with The Hart Foundation, showcasing a blend of technical skill and athleticism.
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