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CM Punk UFC Record: All of his MMA bouts

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CM Punk, a name synonymous with professional wrestling, ventured into the world of mixed martial arts (MMA) with much fanfare. His transition from the scripted rings of WWE to the unforgiving octagon of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) was a journey watched by many.

Here, we delve into the details of his UFC record and the outcomes of his MMA bouts.

CM Punk UFC Record: The Beginning of a New Chapter

CM Punk, born Phillip Jack Brooks, made a bold move by stepping into the UFC. His background in professional wrestling set the stage for high expectations and intense scrutiny.

Punk’s foray into MMA was not just a personal challenge but also a test of how skills from the wrestling world translated into real combat sports.

The Debut: A Tough Start

Punk’s UFC debut was a highly anticipated event. He faced Mickey Gall at UFC 203, a fighter known for his grappling prowess.

This bout was Punk’s first real test in a competitive MMA environment. Gall, an experienced fighter, proved to be a formidable opponent.

He submitted Punk in the first round, showcasing the steep learning curve Punk faced in this new arena.

The Second Outing: Controversy and No Contest

Punk’s second UFC bout was against Mike Jackson at UFC 225. This fight went the distance, but Punk lost via decision.

However, the result was later overturned to a no contest. Jackson tested positive for tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) due to marijuana use, altering the official record of the bout.

This fight was a slight improvement for Punk, as he managed to survive all rounds, but it still highlighted the challenges he faced in the octagon.

CM Punk UFC Record and Statistics: A Struggle in the Octagon

Throughout his UFC tenure, Punk struggled to make a significant impact. He landed a total of 19 strikes and achieved one takedown across both his bouts.

These numbers reflect the difficulties he faced in adapting to the demands of MMA, a sport vastly different from professional wrestling.

The Aftermath: Leaving UFC

Following his UFC stint, Punk left the organizsation on Dana White’s orders. He then signed with All Elite Wrestling in 2021, marking a return to his roots in professional wrestling.

His brief MMA career, while not successful in terms of victories, was a testament to his willingness to step out of his comfort zone and try something new.

CM Punk’s Legacy in UFC

Despite his lack of success in the octagon, CM Punk’s UFC stint will be remembered for its boldness and the attention it brought to the sport, even with his official record of 0-1-0 (1 N.C.).

His transition from WWE to UFC was a unique experiment that showed the challenges professional wrestlers face when switching to real combat sports.


  • What is CM Punk’s official UFC record?
    • CM Punk’s official UFC record is 0-1-1.
  • Who were CM Punk’s opponents in the UFC?
    • CM Punk fought Mickey Gall and Mike Jackson in the UFC.
  • Did CM Punk win any of his UFC fights?
    • No, CM Punk did not win any of his UFC fights. His fight against Mike Jackson was initially a loss but was later overturned to a no contest.
  • What was the outcome of CM Punk’s debut UFC fight?
    • CM Punk lost his debut UFC fight against Mickey Gall by submission in the first round.
  • Why was CM Punk’s second UFC fight result changed to a no contest?
    • The result was changed to a no contest after Mike Jackson tested positive for THC.
  • What did CM Punk do after leaving the UFC?
    • After leaving the UFC, CM Punk returned to professional wrestling, signing with All Elite Wrestling in 2021.
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