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CM Punk WWE Opponents 2024: Who we want him to face next year

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CM Punk, a name that resonates with energy and excitement in the world of WWE, has fans eagerly anticipating his matchups for 2024.

With a career marked by remarkable feuds and unforgettable moments, the speculation about who Punk will face next year is rife.

Let’s delve into a list of potential opponents that could create some of the most electrifying bouts in WWE history.

CM Punk Potential Opponents: Cody Rhodes – A Clash of Titans

Cody Rhodes, a superstar who has carved his own legacy, stands out as a prime candidate for a high-profile feud with CM Punk.

Rhodes, known for his charismatic persona and in-ring prowess, could provide a perfect stylistic contrast to Punk’s straightforward, no-nonsense approach.

A match between these two would not only be a treat for fans but also a storytelling masterpiece, showcasing a blend of technical skill and emotional narrative.

Finn Balor – The Demon vs Straight Edge Superstar

Finn Balor, with his enigmatic ‘Demon’ persona, presents an intriguing challenge for Punk. Balor’s high-flying style and charismatic presence in the ring could complement Punk’s more grounded and intense wrestling technique.

A feud between these two could explore themes of contrasting personalities and styles, making it a must-see for fans who appreciate nuanced storytelling in wrestling.

Potential CM Punk Matches: Gunther – A Test of Endurance

Gunther, known for his brute strength and imposing presence, could be a formidable opponent for CM Punk. A match against Gunther would test Punk’s resilience and strategy, offering a different kind of challenge from his usual matchups.

This bout would likely be a hard-hitting affair, showcasing Punk’s ability to adapt and overcome in the face of sheer power.

Johnny Gargano – The Underdog Story

Johnny Gargano, often seen as the underdog, could provide a compelling narrative if pitted against CM Punk. Gargano’s never-say-die attitude and technical skill set could create an engaging and dynamic match.

A storyline with Gargano could focus on the classic underdog tale, with Punk playing the role of the seasoned veteran.

CM Punk 2024 Feuds: The Importance of Fresh Matchups

While revisiting old rivalries has its charm, the prospect of fresh matchups is what keeps the WWE universe vibrant and exciting. Facing new opponents allows Punk to showcase different aspects of his character and wrestling style.

It also gives fans the opportunity to see new dynamics and storylines unfold, keeping the WWE experience fresh and unpredictable.

Potential Storylines and Feuds

The potential storylines that could emerge from these matchups are limitless. Whether it’s a battle of ideologies with Cody Rhodes, a clash of styles with Finn Balor, a test of strength against Gunther, or an underdog story with Johnny Gargano, each feud offers unique storytelling opportunities.

These narratives not only entertain but also deepen the characters involved, adding layers to their personas and backstories.


  • Who is CM Punk? Punk is a professional wrestler known for his time in WWE and his ‘Straight Edge’ persona, emphasizing a lifestyle free of alcohol and drugs.
  • What makes a good opponent for CM Punk? A good opponent for Punk is someone who can contrast or complement his wrestling style and character, creating compelling narratives and exciting matches.
  • Why is a match with Cody Rhodes significant? A match with Cody Rhodes is significant due to Rhodes’ own legacy and charisma, which could create a captivating storyline with Punk.
  • What would a Finn Balor vs CM Punk match offer? A Finn Balor vs Punk match would offer a clash of styles and personas, with Balor’s high-flying, charismatic ‘Demon’ character contrasting Punk’s more grounded approach.
  • How would Gunther challenge CM Punk? Gunther would challenge Punk with his brute strength and imposing presence, testing Punk’s resilience and strategic approach to wrestling.
  • Why is Johnny Gargano an interesting opponent for CM Punk? Johnny Gargano’s underdog persona and technical skill set would create an engaging dynamic against CM Punk’s experienced and straightforward style.
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