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Damian Priest Received ‘Life Changing’ Advice From Triple H

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Triple H played a key role in the success of many NXT stars. He was the one who built the black and yellow brand up from scratch. The game also brought in a lot of people who have gone on to become big stars in WWE such as Damian Priest.

Priest who recently spoke to Vibe & Wrestling talked about Triple H’s influence on his career. He revealed the ‘life changing advice’ that was given to him by the WWE EVP:

‘What changed my life was when Triple H told me: ’˜I want to see the person I’m seeing here in the ring. When you’re between the ropes you’re playing the role of a wrestler but I don’t want that, I want to see someone else. When you learn to be yourself you will have an amazing career.’ When he told me that I didn’t understand because I thought: ’˜How is that? How are you telling me that I don’t know how to be myself?’”

Damian Priest explained how he didn’t understand the advice at first. Later he realized how a person’s personality changes completely when he is in front of a camera:

“The day came when I relaxed and began to enjoy myself. Every day that I go on stage I am enjoying my tempo, even when I take hits, I enjoy it so for me that was the best advice.’

Priest also revealed that Vince McMahon told him to be a WWE superstar and not just a wrestler. The boss explained that anyone can be a wrestler but there is only one place you can be a WWE superstar in and that is WWE.

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Martin MacDonald