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Do WWE Superstars keep their belts?

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The world of professional wrestling, particularly WWE, is filled with glitz, glamour, and gold. The gold, in this context, refers to the championship belts that wrestlers vie for.

These belts symbolise the pinnacle of a wrestler’s career, marking them as the best in their category. But a question that often arises among fans is: Do WWE Superstars get to keep these belts once they’ve won them?

Key TakeawayDetails
Championship SignificanceWWE belts symbolize the pinnacle of a wrestler’s career, representing the top prize in the company.
Ownership After WinningWrestlers do get to keep their championship belts after winning, as a form of tradition and free marketing for WWE.
Belt Return PolicyUpon losing a title, wrestlers typically return the belt to WWE, which is then passed to the new champion, although there are exceptions.
Customization and PersonalizationWrestlers often personalize their belts, adding unique touches to symbolize their achievements and character.
Controversies and StorylinesThere have been instances of storylines involving wrestlers “stealing” belts, with CM Punk’s actions being a notable example.
FAQs AddressedThe article answers common questions about belt ownership, customization, and related controversies.

The Prestige of the WWE Championship Belts

The championship belts of WWE aren’t just decorative pieces; they’re the top prize of the company. Every pay-per-view/Premium Live Event sees these championships on the line, and for many wrestlers, winning one is the ultimate dream.

The journey to the title varies for each superstar. While some, like Roman Reigns, receive significant recognition and push from the company, others might not be as fortunate.

But regardless of the path taken, once a wrestler wins a championship, it’s a monumental moment in their career.

Ownership of the Belt

After the euphoria of victory, what happens to the belt? The simple answer is that championship winners do, in fact, get to keep their title belts. This might come as a surprise to some, but it’s a tradition that has been in place for a while.

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin, a legend in the wrestling world, once addressed this topic. He mentioned that while the championship is never truly owned by a wrestler, as it’s passed from one to another, the current titleholder does get to keep it. They can take it home, flaunt it in public places, and essentially treat it as their own. It serves as a form of free marketing for WWE, with titleholders often showcasing their belts during public appearances.

However, there’s a catch. When a wrestler loses their title, they usually have to return the belt. This returned belt is then handed over to the new champion. But there have been instances where, instead of reclaiming the belt from the previous champion, WWE has simply provided a new one to the new titleholder. In such cases, the former champion can retain their belt, especially if no one explicitly asks for it back.

Customisation and Controversies

Wrestlers often form deep connections with their championship belts. Some even go the extra mile by customising their belts, making them unique and personal. These customised belts are typically exclusive to the wrestler who made the changes.

However, the world of WWE isn’t without its controversies. There have been instances where WWE stars, not necessarily the champions, have “stolen” championship belts.

One of the most notable cases involved CM Punk, who on two separate occasions took away the WWE title belt. In one storyline, after his contract with WWE ended, making him a free agent, Punk took the championship belt, an act portrayed as theft within the storyline.


  • Do WWE Superstars return their belts after losing?
    • Typically, yes. When a superstar loses their title, they return the belt, which is then given to the new champion.
  • Can wrestlers customise their championship belts?
    • Yes, some wrestlers have customised their belts, making them unique to their persona.
  • Have there been controversies regarding the ownership of WWE belts?
    • Yes, there have been storylines and incidents where wrestlers have “stolen” championship belts, with CM Punk being a notable example.
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