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Dolph Ziggler Wife: Is the WWE Superstar married?

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As of 2023, WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler, born Nicholas Theodore Nemeth, is not married.

However, he has been in a long-term relationship with his girlfriend, Ashley Mae Sebera, since 2015.

Sebera, who is also known by her ring name Dana Brooke, is a professional wrestler and fitness model, making the couple quite the athletic duo.

How Dolph Ziggler and Ashley Mae Sebera Met

Dolph Ziggler and Ashley Mae Sebera reportedly met within the world of professional wrestling, where they share a common passion.

The couple has been working together in WWE, with Sebera performing as a wrestler and Ziggler enjoying a successful career as a multiple-time champion.

Their mutual interests and shared profession likely played a role in bringing the couple together.

Ashley Mae Sebera’s Professional Career

Ashley Mae Sebera is not just Dolph Ziggler’s girlfriend; she is a talented athlete in her own right. Sebera is a professional wrestler currently signed with WWE and performs under the ring name Dana Brooke.

In addition to her wrestling career, Sebera is also a fitness competitor and model. She has won several titles in the fitness world, such as the 2011 National Physique Committee (NPC) Junior Nationals, and has competed in prestigious events like the Arnold Classic.

Dolph Ziggler: Previous Relationships

Before his relationship with Ashley Mae Sebera, Dolph Ziggler was linked to several women, some of whom are also part of the wrestling industry.

Ziggler had previously dated comedian Amy Schumer and WWE Superstar Nikki Bella. However, these relationships were short-lived and did not lead to marriage.

Dolph Ziggler and Ashley Mae Sebera’s Private Life

Dolph Ziggler and Ashley Mae Sebera are known to keep their personal lives relatively private, which is understandable given the public nature of their careers.

They rarely share details about their relationship on social media, and when they do, it is often in the form of pictures or posts celebrating their love and support for each other.

Future Prospects for Dolph Ziggler and Ashley Mae Sebera

With their relationship spanning over several years, Dolph Ziggler and Ashley Mae Sebera seem to be in a stable, committed partnership.

While there is no news of an impending marriage, it is clear that the couple is happy and content in their relationship.

As both continue to achieve success in their professional wrestling careers, they can look forward to a bright future together.


Though Dolph Ziggler is not married, he has been in a long-term relationship with fellow WWE Superstar Ashley Mae Sebera since 2015.

The couple, who share a passion for professional wrestling, have maintained a strong bond while balancing their demanding careers.

Despite not being married, Ziggler and Sebera seem to have found love and support in each other, and their relationship continues to thrive.

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