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ECW December To Dismember 2006: The WORST PPV in WWE History

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In the annals of professional wrestling, few events have garnered as much notoriety as the ECW December to Dismember 2006.

This pay-per-view (PPV) event, held on December 3rd, 2006, at the James Brown Arena in Augusta, Georgia, stands out as a significant low point in the history of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

The Build-Up to ECW December to Dismember

The event marked WWE’s only ECW-exclusive PPV, following the revival of the ECW brand earlier in 2006. ECW, originally a separate promotion known for its hardcore wrestling style, had been acquired by WWE in 2003.

The December to Dismember event was intended to showcase this brand, but it fell short in several ways.

The Main Event: Extreme Elimination Chamber

The centrepiece of the evening was the Extreme Elimination Chamber match for the ECW World Championship.

This match featured a unique structure of chain and girders, with six wrestlers competing: Big Show (the defending champion), Bobby Lashley, Rob Van Dam, Hardcore Holly, CM Punk, and Test. Bobby Lashley emerged victorious, becoming the first Black ECW World Champion.

ECW December To Dismember 2006: Underwhelming Undercard

The undercard included a tag team match between The Hardys (Jeff and Matt Hardy) and MNM (Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro), with The Hardys securing a win.

However, the overall lineup was lacklustre, with only two matches announced before the PPV aired, reflecting inadequate promotion and buildup.

Poor Reception and Record Low Buyrate

The event was met with overwhelmingly negative reception, both from critics and fans.

It recorded an attendance of just 4,800 and a buyrate of approximately 90,000, the lowest in WWE history until the introduction of the WWE Network in 2014.

The lacklustre card, poor execution, and minimal buildup contributed to its failure.

The Aftermath and Heyman’s Departure

The fallout from December to Dismember was significant. It led to the departure of Paul Heyman, a key figure in ECW’s original and WWE revival, under circumstances that remain a topic of debate.

The event’s failure also influenced WWE’s decision to discontinue brand-exclusive PPVs following WrestleMania 23 in April 2007.


  • What was the main event of ECW December to Dismember 2006?
    • The main event was an Extreme Elimination Chamber match for the ECW World Championship.
  • Who won the ECW World Championship at December to Dismember 2006?
    • Bobby Lashley won the championship, defeating Big Show.
  • Why is December to Dismember 2006 considered the worst PPV in WWE history?
    • It is considered the worst due to its poor planning, lackluster matches, minimal buildup, and record low buyrate.
  • Did any non-ECW wrestlers participate in the event?
    • Yes, wrestlers from the Raw and SmackDown! brands also participated.
  • What was the attendance and buyrate for the event?
    • The event had an attendance of 4,800 and a buyrate of about 90,000.
  • What was the aftermath of the event for WWE and ECW?
    • The event led to the departure of Paul Heyman and influenced WWE’s decision to end brand-exclusive PPVs.
  • Was December to Dismember scheduled to be an annual event?
    • It was initially planned to be an annual event, but the 2007 show was canceled following the poor reception of the 2006 event.
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