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Ex-WWE Star Reveals Amusing Roman Reigns Moment

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Former WWE star Sam Gradwell recently described an amusing moment with the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns backstage at a show in Dublin, Ireland.

Sam Gradwell talks about Roman Reigns

In a recent interview with the Wrestling With Johners Podcast, former WWE star Sam Gradwell shared the story about a run-in with ‘The Tribal Chief’.

After having arrived ’˜super early’ to the arena ahead of a 2018 WWE live event in Dublin, Ireland, Gradwell noted that he was advised to just find anywhere to pop his bag and relax. However, he soon realized that perhaps he was in the entirely wrong locker room.

Sharing his story about Reigns, Sam Gradwell said:

‘I sat down and I looked at the chair in front of me, and I realized that Roman Reigns had set his gear over the chair in front of me, so I was like, ’˜Oh s**t, I’ve gotta get out of here, I’ve gotta find a different room.

I go to pick up my bag to leave, and Roman walks in and says, ’˜No, no, no, you sit there, you’re good,’ and he just sat chatting to me all night.’

‘Couldn’t have been more down to earth, couldn’t have been more cool. He watched mine and Jordan [JD McDonagh]’s match, and he gave some of the most helpful feedback I think I’ve ever had.’

Sam Gradwell have departed the company and WWE continues to discuss plans for the forthcoming NXT Europe set to replace the former brand, NXT UK.

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Bishal Roy