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Ex-WWE star reveals ‘weakness’ of Goldberg

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WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg recently made his return to the company. He is set to challenge Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship at Elimination Chamber Premium live event which will take place in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Ahead of the show, the former WWE star and manager Dutch Mantell proceeded to explain how the former WCW star gained popularity in his initial years in business.

Dutch Mantell opens up on Goldberg

He stated that he was booked to look strong and did not get involved in promo segments. Moreover, his matches did not last long which helped him cover all his weaknesses. However, Mantell added that his attraction started to diminish when he was booked in longer matches, where he wasn’t able to perform well.

The 55-year-old has been praised by many fans and is considered to be a dominating performer inside the ring. He has also bagged the WWE Universal Championship a couple of times and he remains a special attraction for fans all across the world. He is currently a part-time active performer.

On the latest edition of Smack Talk on Sportskeeda Wrestling’s YouTube Channel, Dutch Mantell was joined by Sid Pullar III and Rick Ucchino to recap the latest episodes of AEW Rampage and WWE SmackDown.

Here’s what Mantell had to say regarding the two-time Universal Champion:

“Goldberg couldn’t tell you how he got over,” said Mantell. “He’s like Sting because they put him over in 30 to 45 seconds every show for months and months and months. Plus he looked like a badass, he didn’t talk a lot so you had to respect that here’s a guy that’s a killer. That’s how he get over. When he had to start working a little bit, that’s when the luster came off.”

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